Gaetano Loffredo


Gaetano nasce a Como il 30 gennaio 1978 e si appassiona alla musica, in particolare alla dance, al pop e al grunge all’età di 15 anni. Successivamente si scopre, dagli studi delle scuole medie superiori (Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Caio Plinio II°), fan della musica celtica, medievale, rinascimentale e classica fino al colpo di fulmine con l’heavy metal melodico e con l’hard rock in età più matura. Generi che tutt’oggi ha la facoltà di trattare attraverso il sito internet MinstrelHall (celtica, medievale, rinascimentale, ambient, dark wave) sulla rivista cartacea Vento Tra Le Fronde (con particolare attenzione alla musica pagana, neopagana e druidica) e, naturalmente, su SpazioRock (rock a 360°, metal e tanto altro).
Tra le esperienze passate impossibile non citare i cinque anni con la webzine, che ha di fatto consentito a Gaetano di crescere come redattore e come giornalista amatoriale, aumentandone l’esperienza ed accompagnandolo fino alla fondazione di SpazioRock, attualmente un periodico telematico che ha stabilito il naturale obiettivo di diventare una vera e propria testata giornalistica on-line. Rock on!

Sonata Arctica - The Ninth Hour (Power Metal, 2016)
Stratovarius - Best Of (Power Metal, 2016)
Rammstein - In Amerika [Blu-Ray] (Alternative Metal, 2015)
Blackmore's Night - All Our Yesterdays (Renaissance Rock, 2015)
Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - Prometheus - Symphonia Ignis Divinus (Symphonic Metal, 2015)
Sonata Arctica - Ecliptica Revisited (Power Metal, 2014)
The Moon and the Nightspirit - Holdrejtek (Neo-Folk, 2014)
Angra - Angels Cry - 20th Anniversary Tour [DVD] (Power Metal, 2014)
Midnight - Midnight (Folk, 2013)
Black Label Society - Unblackened (Heavy Metal, 2013)
Aerosmith - Rock For The Rising Sun [DVD] (Hard Rock, 2013)
Blackmore's Night - Dancer And The Moon (Renaissance Rock, 2013)
Airbourne - Black Dog Barking (Hard Rock, 2013)
Blackmore's Night - The Moon Is Shining (Somewhere Over The Sea) (Renaissance Rock, 2013)
Freedom Call - Ages Of Light 1998-2013 (Power Metal, 2013)
DGM - Momentum (Prog Metal, 2013)
Avantasia - The Mystery Of Time (Power Metal, 2013)
Free Fall - Power & Volume (Hard Rock, 2013)
Blind Guardian - A Traveler’s Guide To Space And Time (Power Metal, 2013)
Blackmore's Night - The Beginning (Renaissance Rock, 2013)
AAVV - Graines De Berceuses (Folk, 2012)
Trick Or Treat - Rabbit's Hill Pt.1 (Power Metal, 2012)
Secret Sphere - Portrait Of A Dying Heart (Power Metal, 2012)
Night Ranger - 24 Strings & A Drummer (Hard Rock, 2012)
Ania Cecilia - ROmantiCK Cinema (Pop Rock, 2012)
Elvenking - ERA (Power Metal, 2012)
Arjen Anthony Lucassen - Lost In The New Real (Prog Rock, 2012)
Korpiklaani - Manala (Folk Metal, 2012)
Saga - 20/20 (Prog Rock, 2012)
Eldritch - Gaia's Legacy (Prog Metal, 2011)
Alan Simon - Excalibur - The Origins (Folk Rock, 2012)
Blackmore's Night - A Knight In York (Renaissance Rock, 2012)
Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - Ascending To Infinity (Power Metal, 2012)
Sonata Arctica - Stones Grow Her Name (Power Metal, 2012)
Gotthard - Firebirth (Hard Rock, 2012)
Planethard - No Deal (Hard Rock, 2012)
Sunstorm - Emotional Fire (AOR, 2012)
Folkstone - Il Confine (Folk Metal, 2012)
Freedom Call - Land Of The Crimson Dawn (Power Metal, 2012)
Lance Lopez - Handmade Music (Blues Rock, 2011)
Magnum - Evolution (AOR, 2011)
Mecca - Undeniable (AOR, 2011)
Sonata Arctica - Live In Finland (Power Metal, 2011)
The Magnificent - The Magnificent (Melodic Rock, 2011)
Candice Night - Reflections (Pop Rock, 2011)
Gotthard - Homegrown - Alive in Lugano (Hard Rock, 2011)
Work Of Art - In Progress (AOR, 2011)
Freedom Call - Live In Hellvetia (Power Metal, 2011)
The Steve Miller Band - Let Your Hair Down (Blues Rock, 2011)
Black 'N Blue - Hell Yeah! (Hard Rock, 2011)
Journey - Eclipse (AOR, 2011)
Saxon - Call To Arms (Heavy Metal, 2011)
Rhapsody Of Fire - From Chaos To Eternity (Power Metal, 2011)
Sixx:A.M. - This Is Gonna Hurt (Hard Rock, 2011)
Warrant - Rockaholic (Hard Rock, 2011)
The Moon And The Nightspirit - Mohalepte (Folk, 2011)
Last Autumn's Dream - Yes (AOR, 2011)
No Gravity - Worlds In Collision (Prog Metal, 2011)
Slash - Slash (Deluxe Edition) (Hard Rock, 2011)
Star One - Victims Of The Modern Age (Heavy Metal, 2010)
Twinspirits - Legacy (Prog Metal, 2010)
Modest Midget - The Great Prophecy Of A Small Man (Rock, 2010)
AAVV - Berceuses & Legendes De Broceliande (Folk, 2010)
Magnum - The Visitation (AOR, 2011)
Gotthard - Heaven - Best Of Ballads part II (Hard Rock, 2010)
AAVV - Romanzo Criminale Il Cd (Pop Rock, 2010)
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Live! in Chicago (Blues Rock, 2010)
Bryan Ferry - Olympia (Pop Rock, 2010)
Rhapsody Of Fire - The Cold Embrace Of Fear [EP] (Power Metal, 2010)
Angra - Aqua (Power Metal, 2010)
Blackmore's Night - Autumn Sky (Renaissance Rock, 2010)
Blackmore's Night - The Village Lanterne (Renaissance Rock, 2006)
Blackmore's Night - Ghost Of A Rose (Renaissance Rock, 2003)
Blackmore's Night - Paris Moon [DVD] (Renaissance Rock, 2007)
Blackmore's Night - Castles And Dreams [DVD] (Renaissance Rock, 2005)
Thulium - 69 [EP] (Alternative Rock, 2010)
Blackmore's Night - Beyond The Sunset (Renaissance Rock, 2004)
Blind Guardian - At The Edge Of Time (Power Metal, 2010)
Alizbar & Ann' Sannat - Welcome Into The Morning (Folk, 2010)
Daemonia Nymphe - Live At La Nuit Des Fees 2009 (Folk, 2010)
The Steve Miller Band - Bingo! (Blues Rock, 2010)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Live From Freedom Hall (Hard Rock, 2010)
H.E.A.T - Freedom Rock (Melodic Rock, 2010)
Caprice - Kywitt! Kywitt! (Folk, 2008)
Reckless Love - Reckless Love (Hard Rock, 2010)
Ataraxia - Llyr (Folk, 2010)
Axel Rudi Pell - The Crest (Hard & Heavy, 2010)
Ratt - Infestation (Hard Rock, 2010)
Shredding The Envelope - The Call Of The Flames (Thrash, 2009)
Avantasia - The Wicked Symphony (Heavy Metal, 2010)
Avantasia - Angel Of Babylon (Heavy Metal, 2010)
Pino Scotto - Buena Suerte (Hard & Heavy, 2010)
Crazy Lixx - New Religion (Hard Rock, 2010)
Foreigner - Can't Slow Down (AOR, 2009)
Airbourne - No Guts, No Glory (Hard Rock, 2010)
Julie Fowlis - Cuilidh (Folk, 2007)
Giant - Promise Land (Melodic Rock, 2010)
Dragonforce - Valley Of The Damned [Reissue] (Power Metal, 2010)
Dragonforce - Sonic Firestorm [Reissue] (Power Metal, 2010)
Wig Wam - Non Stop Rock 'N' Roll (Hard Rock, 2010)
Andre Matos - Mentalize (Power Metal, 2010)
Manowar - Hell On Earth V [DVD] (Heavy Metal, 2009)
Los Angeles - Neverland (AOR, 2009)
Los Angeles - Los Angeles (AOR, 2007)
Mandragora Scream - Volturna (Gothic, 2009)
Leverage - Circus Colossus (Power Metal, 2009)
Mastedon - 3 (Melodic Rock, 2009)
Picture - Old Dogs New Tricks (Hard & Heavy, 2009)
Pino Scotto - Outlaw [DVD] (Hard & Heavy, 2009)
Europe - Last Look At Eden (Hard Rock, 2009)
Kiss - Sonic Boom (Hard Rock, 2009)
Guilt Machine - On This Perfect Day (Prog Metal, 2009)
Children Of Bodom - Skeletons In The Closet (Heavy Metal, 2009)
Wine Spirit - Three Of A Kind (Hard Rock, 2008)
Corde Oblique - The Stones Of Naples (Folk, 2009)
Sonata Arctica - The Days Of Grays (Power Metal, 2009)
Saltatio Mortis - Wer Wind Saet (Mittelalter Rock, 2009)
Lion's Share - Dark Hours (Heavy Metal, 2009)
Gotthard - Need To Believe (Hard Rock, 2009)
Stryper - Murder By Pride (Melodic Rock, 2009)
Axel Rudi Pell - Best Of Anniversary Edition (Heavy Metal, 2009)
Howard Leese - Secret Weapon (AOR, 2009)
Gabriele Bellini - Evolution (Rock, 2009)
Edguy - Fucking With Fire Live (Power Metal, 2009)
Blackmore's Night - Secret Voyage (Renaissance Rock, 2008)
Sunstorm - House Of Dreams (AOR, 2009)
Magnum - Into The Valley Of The Moonking (AOR, 2009)
Manowar - Thunder In The Sky [EP] (Heavy Metal, 2009)
Jorn - Spirit Black (Hard Rock, 2009)
Trick Or Treat - Tin Soldiers (Power Metal, 2009)
Hardcore Superstar - Beg For It (Hard Rock, 2009)
U.F.O - The Visitor (Hard Rock, 2009)
NoSound - Lightdark (Post Rock, 2008)
Saga - Contact - Live In Munich [DVD] (Prog Rock, 2009)
Tim Ripper Owens - Play My Game (Heavy Metal, 2009)
Killing Touch - One Of A Kind (Prog Metal, 2009)
The Moon and the Nightspirit - Osforras (Folk, 2009)
Nightwish - Made In Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places) (Symphonic Metal, 2009)
Sunstorm - Sunstorm (AOR, 2006)
Elektradrive - Living 4 (Hard Rock, 2009)
Saga - The Human Condition (Prog Rock, 2009)
Ayreon - Timeline (Prog Metal, 2008)
Eluveitie - Evocation 1 - The Arcane Dominion (Folk, 2009)
Saxon - Into The Labyrinth (Heavy Metal, 2009)
U2 - No Line On The Horizon (Rock, 2009)
AC/DC - Black Ice (Hard Rock, 2008)
Morgul - All Dead Here (Black Metal, 2005)
Morgana Lefay - Over And Over Again (Heavy Metal, 2007)
Midnattsol - Nordlys (Folk Metal, 2008)
Iron Savior - Megatropolis (Heavy Metal, 2007)
Indigo Dying - Indigo Dying (Hard Rock, 2007)
Haggard - Eppur Si Muove (Symphonic Metal, 2004)
Harlequin - Waking The Jester (Hard Rock, 2007)
Cellador - Enter Deception (Power Metal, 2006)
Crashdiet - The Unattractive Revolution (Hard Rock, 2007)
Joe Lynn Turner - Second Hand Life (Hard Rock, 2007)
Evidence One - The Sky Is The Limit (AFM Records, 2007)
Epica - The Divine Conspiracy (Symphonic Metal, 2007)
Last Autumn's Dream - Hunting Shadows (AOR, 2008)
Everon - North (Prog Rock, 2008)
Grave Digger - Yesterday [CD+DVD] (Heavy Metal, 2006)
Gentlemans Pistols - Gentlemans Pistols (Hard Rock, 2007)
Emir Hot - Sevdah Metal (Power Metal, 2008)
Divinefire - Farewell (Power Metal, 2008)
Dollhouse - Royal Rendez-vous (Hard Rock, 2006)
Fuoco Fatuo - Our Elegy (Power Metal, 2006)
Fueled By Fire - Spread The Fire (Thrash, 2007)
Fires Of Babylon - Fires Of Babylon (Heavy Metal, 2008)
Dante Fox - Under The Seven Skies (Hard Rock, 2007)
Domine - Ancient Spirit Rising (Power Metal, 2007)
Crown Of Glory - A Deep Breath Of Life (Power Metal, 2008)
Criminal - Sicario (Thrash, 2005)
Brainstorm - Liquid Monster (Power Metal, 2005)
The Vision Bleak - The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey (Gothic, 2007)
Zion - Zion (AOR, 2006)
The Vision Bleak - Carpathia (Gothic, 2005)
President Evil - Hell In A Box (Thrash, 2008)
Marc Rizzo - The Ultimate Devotion (Heavy Metal, 2007)
Dragonland - Starfall (Power Metal, 2004)
Lizzy Borden - Appointment With Death (Heavy Metal, 2007)
The Dogma - Black Roses (Power Metal, 2006)
Civilization One - Revolution Rising (Power Metal, 2007)
The Dogma - A Good Day To Die (Power Metal, 2007)
Excalion - Primal Exhale (Power Metal, 2005)
Thy Majestie - Jeanne D'Arc (Power Metal, 2005)
Sonata Arctica - Reckoning Night (Power Metal, 2004)
Edenbridge - The Grand Design (Symphonic Metal, 2006)
Soul Takers - Flies In A Jar (Gothic, 2007)
Edenlost - Road Of Desire (Hard Rock, 2005)
Eisheilig - Auf Dem Weg In Deine Welt (Gothic, 2007)
Eldritch - Neighbourhell (Heavy Metal, 2005)
Eldritch - Blackenday (Heavy Metal, 2007)
Satyrian - The Dark Gift (Gothic, 2006)
Bloodbound - Book Of The Dead (Power Metal, 2007)
The Flairs - Shut Up And Drive (Hard Rock, 2007)
Beyond Twilight - Section X (Power Metal, 2005)
Beyond Fear - Beyond Fear (Heavy Metal, 2006)
The Gathering - A Noise Severe [CD+DVD] (Alternative Rock, 2007)
Bal Sagoth - The Chthonic Chronicles (Black Metal, 2006)
The Ladder - Future Miracles (AOR, 2004)
Velvet Revolver - Libertad (Hard Rock, 2007)
Babylon A.D. - In The Beginning (Hard Rock, 2006)
Twisted Tower Dire - Netherworlds (Heavy Metal, 2007)
Arthemis - Back From The Heat (Power Metal, 2005)
Tristania - Illumination (Gothic, 2007)
Lanfear - Another Golden Rage (Power Metal, 2005)
Arkenemy - Believe In Myself (Death Metal, 2004)
King's Call - No Alibi (Hard Rock, 2008)
Anguish Force - Defenders United (Heavy Metal, 2006)
Helloween - Gambling With The Devil (Power Metal, 2007)
Aina - Days Of Rising Doom (Power Metal, 2004)
After Forever - Mea Culpa (Retrospective) (Symphonic Metal, 2006)
After All - This Violent Decline (Thrash, 2006)
3 Legged Dogg - Frozen Summer (Heavy Metal, 2007)
Wuthering Heights - The Shadow Cabinet (Power Metal, 2006)
AAVV - Rock S'Cool (Heavy Metal, 2007)
Wizard - Goochan (Power Metal, 2007)
Avantasia - Lost In Space Part 1 & 2 (Power Metal, 2007)
Avantasia - Lost In Space (Radio Promo) (Power Metal, 2007)
Axel Rudi Pell - Live Over Europe [DVD] (Heavy Metal, 2008)
Russell Allen's Atomic Soul - Atomic Soul (Hard Rock, 2005)
Eluveitie - Slania (Folk Metal, 2008)
Akira Kajiyama + Joe Lynn Turner - Fire Without Flames (Hard Rock, 2006)
Children Of Bodom - Are You Dead Yet? (Death Metal, 2005)
Sirenia - Nine Destinies And A Downfall (Gothic, 2007)
Children Of Bodom - Trashed, Lost & Strungout (Death Metal, 2004)
Chimaera - Rebirth - Death Won't Stay Us (Power Metal, 2007)
Derdian - New Era (Pt.1) (Power Metal, 2005)
Devil's Slingshot - Clinophobia (Prog Metal, 2007)
Dreamland - Future Calling (Heavy Metal, 2005)
Deliverance - As Above - So Below (Heavy Metal, 2008)
Dreamland - Eye For An Eye (Heavy Metal, 2007)
Dragonforce - Sonic Firestorm (Power Metal, 2004)
Don Airey - A Light In The Sky (Hard Rock, 2008)
Crystal Viper - The Curse Of Crystal Viper (Heavy Metal, 2007)
Crystal Ball - Secrets (Hard Rock, 2007)
Crazy Lixx - Loud Minority (Hard Rock, 2007)
Moonlight Agony - Silent Waters (Power Metal, 2007)
Cage - Hell Destroyer (Heavy Metal, 2007)
Leaded Fuel - Inhale And Get Pale (Hard Rock, 2008)
In Memory - Intoxicating Mind (Power Metal, 2003)
Magica - Hereafter (Power Metal, 2007)
Lana Lane - Lady Macbeth (AOR, 2005)
Labyrinth - 6 Days To Nowhere (Heavy Metal, 2007)
Kragens - Seeds Of Pain (Heavy Metal, 2005)
Kotipelto - Serenity (Power Metal, 2007)
Kerosene - Kerosene (Hard Rock, 2008)
Kaledon - The Way Of The Light (Power Metal, 2005)
Jeff Scott Soto - Essential Ballads (Hard Rock, 2006)
House Of Shakira - Retoxed (AOR, 2007)
Hammerfall - Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken (Heavy Metal, 2005)
Gypsy Pistoleros - Para Siempre (Hard Rock, 2008)
Raising Fear - Mythos (Heavy Metal, 2005)
Raising Fear - Avalon (Heavy Metal, 2006)
Raintime - Flies & Lies (Death Metal, 2007)
Rainbow - Live in Munich 1977 (Hard Rock, 2006)
Rainbow - Kolner Sporthalle 25.9.1976 (Hard Rock, 2006)
PowerWorld - PowerWorld (Power Metal, 2008)
Powerwolf - Lupus Dei (Heavy Metal, 2007)
Pagan's Mind - Enigmatic: Calling (Prog, 2005)
Overload - Never Again (Power Metal, 2007)
Nuclear Blast AllStars - Into The Light (Power Metal, 2007)
Neverland - Reversion Time (Prog, 2008)
The Seventh Power - Dominion & Power (Heavy Metal, 2008)
Sammy Hagar - Cosmic Universal Fashion (Hard Rock, 2008)
The Keith Reid Project - The Common Thread (Pop Rock, 2008)
Ross The Boss - New Metal Leader (Heavy Metal, 2008)
Klimt 1918 - Just In Case We'll Never Meet Again (Alternative Rock, 2008)
Holy Martyr - Hellenic Warrior Spirit (Heavy Metal, 2008)
Gamma Ray - The Ultimate Collection (Power Metal, 2002)
Gamma Ray - Majestic (Power Metal, 2005)
Gamma Ray - Land Of The Free Part II (Power Metal, 2007)
It Bites - The Tall Ships (Prog Rock, 2008)
House Of Lords - Come To My Kingdom (AOR, 2008)
Girlschool - Legacy (Hard Rock, 2008)
Gamma Ray - Hell Yeah!!! (Power Metal, 2008)
Blessed By A Broken Heart - Pedal To The Metal (Heavy Metal, 2008)
Edu Falaschi - Almah (Heavy Metal, 2007)
Edguy - Theater Of Salvation (Power Metal, 1999)
Edguy - Hall of Flames (Power Metal, 2004)
Edguy - Lavatory Love Machine (Power Metal, 2004)
Gotthard - Made in Switzerland (Hard Rock, 2006)
Gotthard - Domino Effect (Hard Rock, 2007)
Kamelot - Ghost Opera - The Second Coming (Power Metal, 2008)
Kamelot - One Cold Winter's Night (Power Metal, 2007)
Kamelot - Ghost Opera (Power Metal, 2007)
Axxis - Doom Of Destiny (Heavy Metal, 2007)
Astral Doors - New Revelation (Heavy Metal, 2007)
Squealer - The Circle Shuts (Thrash, 2008)
The Zutons - You Can Do Anything (Rock, 2008)
Uli Jon Roth - Under A Dark Sky (Rock, 2008)
Shaman - Immortal (Power Metal, 2007)
Sencirow - The Nightmare Within (Power Metal, 2008)
Secret Sphere - Heart & Anger (Power Metal, 2005)
Neondaze - Neondaze (Hard Rock, 2008)
Motörhead - Motorizer (Hard & Heavy, 2008)
Iced Earth - The Crucible Of Man (Heavy Metal, 2008)
Extreme - Saudades De Rock (Hard Rock, 2008)
Evergrey - Torn (Heavy Metal, 2008)
White Lion - Return Of The Pride (Hard Rock, 2008)
Unitopia - The Garden (Prog Rock, 2008)
Sinner - Crash & Burn (Heavy Metal, 2008)
Nightwish - Eva (Symphonic Metal, 2007)
Nightwish - Amaranth (Symphonic Metal, 2007)
Nightwish - Dark Passion Play (Symphonic Metal, 2007)
Power Quest - Master Of Illusion (Power Metal, 2008)
Power Quest - Magic Never Dies (Power Metal, 2005)
Elvenking - Two Tragedy Poets (Folk, 2008)
Elvenking - Wyrd (Power Metal, 2004)
Elvenking - The Winter Wake (Power Metal, 2006)
Eden's Curse - The Second Coming (Hard Rock, 2008)
Eden's Curse - Eden's Curse (Hard Rock, 2007)
Andre Matos - Time To Be Free (Power Metal, 2008)
Avantasia - The Scarecrow (Power Metal, 2008)
AOR - L.A Concession [Reissue] (AOR, 2006)
Angra - Aurora Consurgens (Power Metal, 2006)
Firewind - The Premonition (Power Metal, 2008)
Abandoned - Thrash Notes (Thrash, 2006)
Abandoned - Thrash You! (Thrash, 2007)
Ouroboros - Lux Arcana (Ambient, 2008)
DGM - Different Shapes (Power Metal, 2007)
DGM - Misplaced (Power Metal, 2004)
Backyard Babies - Backyard Babies (Hard Rock, 2008)
Iron Maiden - A Matter Of Life And Death (Heavy Metal, 2006)
Axel Rudi Pell - Tales Of The Crown (Heavy Metal, 2008)
Almah - Fragile Equality (Power Metal, 2008)
Dragonforce - Ultra Beatdown (Power Metal, 2008)
Alice Cooper - Along Came A Spider (Hard Rock, 2008)
Artesia - Llydaw (Ethereal, 2009)

Alex Alexander (Rocktopia, a classic revolution.... in Broadway)
Rhapsody Reunion (Luca Turilli)
Secret Sphere (Aldo Lonobile)
Sonata Arctica (Tony Kakko, Henrik Klingenberg)
Powerwolf (Falk Maria)
Domine (Enrico Paoli)
Rainbow (Ronnie Romero)
Rockin’1000 (Fabio Zaffagnini)
Rainbow (Ritchie Blackmore)
Blackmore's Night (Ritchie Blackmore, Candice Night)
Rockin'1000 (Gabriele Andreucci)
Folkstone (Edo Sala)
Luca Turilli's Rhapsody (Luca Turilli)
Whitesnake, Secret Sphere (Michele Luppi)
The Kyle Gass Band (Kyle Gass)
Europe (Joey Tempest)
Scorpions (Rudolf Schenker)
Joe Lynn Turner (Joe Lynn Turner)
KISS (Paul Stanley)
Blackmore's Night (Earl Grey of Chimay)
Sonata Arctica (Tony Kakko)
The Moon And The Nightspirit (Ágnes Tóth, Mihály Szabó)
Slash (Slash)
Angra (Fabio Lione)
Midnight (Massimo Paggi, Federico Vannucchi)
Ayreon (Arjen Anthony Lucassen)
Black Label Society (Zakk Wylde)
Joe Satriani (Joe Satriani)
Freedom Call (Chris Bay)
Nek (Nek)
DGM (Simone Mularoni)
Avantasia (Tobias Sammet)
Free Fall (Mattias Bärjed)
Blind Guardian (Hansi Kürsch)
Filippo Dallinferno (Filippo Dallinferno)
Sonata Arctica (Tony Kakko)
Bad Bones (Max Bone, Meku Bone)
Planethard (Marco Sivo e Marco D'Andrea)
Rhyme (Riccardo Canato)
Trick Or Treat (Alessandro Conti, Luca Cabri)
Secret Sphere (A. Lonobile, M. Luppi, M. Pastorino, G. Ciaccia)
Dragonforce (Herman Li)
Ania Cecilia (Ania Cecilia)
Folkstone (Andreas, Edo, Lore, Walter)
Elvenking (Aydan, Damnagoras, Rafahel, Jakob)
Korpiklaani (Juho Kauppinen)
Saga (Michael Sadler)
Blackmore's Night (Candice Night)
Eldritch (Eugene Simone)
Excalibur (Alan Simon, R. Tiranti, M. Canepa, M. Fadda)
Stacy Francis (Stacy Francis)
Gianluca Grignani (Gianluca Grignani)
Sonata Arctica (Tony Kakko)
Gotthard (Leo Leoni)
Cristina D'Avena (Cristina D'Avena)
Bejelit (Fabio Privitera, Sandro Capone)
Planethard (Marco D'Andrea)
Sunstorm (Joe Lynn Turner)
Roberto Tiranti (Roberto Tiranti)
Freedom Call (Chris Bay)
Gotthard (Nic Maeder)
Magnum (Bob Catley)
Sonata Arctica (Tony Kakko)
Gotthard (Leo Leoni)
Blackmore's Night (Ritchie Blackmore, Candice Night)
Black 'N Blue (Jaime St. James)
Journey (Jonathan Cain)
Rhapsody Of Fire (Alex Staropoli)
Warrant (Jerry Dixon)
Tommy Emmanuel (Tommy Emmanuel)
No Gravity (Simone Fiorletta)
Star One (Arjen Lucassen)
Twinspirits (Daniele Liverani)
Modest Midget (Lionel Ziblat)
Magnum (Tony Clarkin)
Valerio Scanu (Valerio Scanu)
Arthemis (Andrea Martongelli, Fabio Dessi)
Yngwie Malmsteen (Yngwie Malmsteen)
Gotthard (Steve Lee)
Shredding The Envelope (Dave Reffett)
Murderdolls (Wednesday 13)
Blind Guardian (Hansi Kursch e Andre' Olbrich)
Sodom (Tom Angelripper)
Reckless Love (Olli Herman)
Rhapsody Of Fire (Luca Turilli)
Caprice (Anton Brejestovski, Inna Brejestovskaya)
Le Vibrazioni (Le Vibrazioni)
Pino Scotto (Pino Scotto)
Airbourne (Joel O'Keefe)
Dragonforce (Vadym Pruzanov)
Noemi (Noemi)
Stadio (Gaetano Cureri)
Europe (Mic Michaeli)
Andre Matos (Andre Matos)
Hardcore Superstar (Jocke Berg, Vic Zino)
Sonata Arctica (Henrik Klingenberg, Elias Viljanen)
Leverage (Tuomas Heikkinen)
Picture (Pete Lovell, Jan Bechtum, Rob Van Enhuizen)
Planethard (Marco Sivo e Marco D'Andrea)
Ensiferum (Sami Hinkka)
Guilt Machine (Arjen Lucassen)
Children Of Bodom (Henkka Seppala)
Wine Spirit (El Guapo e C.C. Nail)
Corde Oblique (Riccardo Prencipe, Claudia Sorvillo)
Saltatio Mortis (Alea der Bescheidene)
Gotthard (Steve Lee, Leo Leoni)
Korpiklaani (Jonne Jarvela)
Sunstorm (Joe Lynn Turner)
Elektradrive (Elektradrive)
Hardcore Superstar (Magnus ''Adde'' Andreasson)
UFO (Vinnie Moore)
Tim Ripper Owens (Tim Owens)
Secret Sphere (Aldo Lonobile e Federico Pennazzato)
Killing Touch (Killing Touch)
Killing Touch (Killing Touch)
Saga (Jim Gilmour)
Eluveitie (Chrigel Glanzmann)
Fire Trails (Pino Scotto)

Rhapsody Reunion (Luca Turilli)
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Klogr: video premiere di "King Of Unknown"
Enter Night: la storia dei Metallica raccontata senza fare sconti
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Video Premiere di "Ready To Fly" (Lyric Video)
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Video Premiere di "One Day At A Time" (Lyric Video)
Black Sabbath: gli anni d'oro rivivono in "Masters Of Reality"
Royal Republic: Video Premiere di Save The Nation
Trick Or Treat: lo studio report del nuovo album "Rabbit's Hill"
Blackmore's Night: live in Germany
High Voltage Festival 2011
Celtica 2011
Sonisphere Festival 2011
Elisa - Ivy Tour 2011
Gotthard: live report di Lugano e foto esclusive
Gotthard: successo annunciato all'Argovia Fest
Litfiba: il servizio fotografico del Tour della reunion!
Gods Of Metal 2010: lo speciale di SpazioRock
Speciale Megadeth: live report e servizio fotografico
Ultimate Word Guitar Exhibition
Lotta contro la sclerosi multipla
The Beatles - Rock Band
Speciale Madragora Scream - studio report
Speciale Guitar Hero Metallica


- Blackmore's Night (tutta la discografia)
- The Beatles - Past Masters
- Gotthard - Lipservice

- Manowar - Kings Of Metal
- Angra - Holy Land
- Gamma Ray - Land Of The Free

- Boston - Boston
- Pride Of Lions - The Roaring Of Dreams
- Queen - Greatest Hits II


- J.r.r. Tolkien - Il Signore degli Anelli
- G.r.r. Martin - Cronache del Ghiaccio e del Fuoco
- Jack White - Le Cronache di Kamelot
- Dan Brown - Il codice da Vinci
- V.m. Manfredi - La trilogia di Aléxandos