Manuel Di Maggio


Klee Project - Living in Confusion (Southern Rock, Hard Rock, 2018)
Black Ink River - Headstrong (Hard Rock, 2018)
Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy - Live (Progressive rock, Arena Rock, 2018)
Thunder - Stage (Live in Cardiff) (Hard rock/Arena rock, 2018)
Bonfire - Temple Of Lies (Hard rock, 2018)
Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy (Hard Rock, 1973)
Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Progressive Rock, 1974)
David Bowie - Heroes (New Wave, 1977)
Bruce Springsteen - The River (Heartland rock, folk rock, 1980)
Vandenberg's Moonkings - MK II (Hard rock, 2017)
Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska (Rock, 1982)
David Bowie - The Rise And The Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars (Glam Rock, 1972)
Royal Thunder - Wick (Hard Rock, 2017)

Libri: David Bowie - La Storia del Rock