Alessandra Manini


Blak Vomit - Macelleria Soxial (Punk, 2017)
The Night Flight Orchestra - Amber Galactic (Classic Rock, 2017)
Harem Scarem - United (Melodic Hard Rock, 2017)
Satan Takes A Holiday - Aliens (Garage Rock, Alternative Rock, 2017)
Northlane - Mesmer (Metalcore, Progressive Metal, 2017)
Ocean Grove - The Rhapsody Tapes (Alternative Rock, 2017)
Decade - Pleasantries (Alternative Rock, 2017)
Umberto Maria Giardini - Futuro Proximo (Rock Psichedelico, 2017)
Creeper - Eternity, In Your Arms (Punk/Punk-Rock, 2017)
My Sleeping Karma - Mela Ananda - Live (Psychedelic Rock, 2017)
Are You Real? - Songs From My Imaginary Youth (Folk, Psychedelic Acoustic, 2017)
Deaf Havana - All These Countless Nights (Alternative Rock, Pop - Rock, 2017)
Stephen Pearcy - SMASH (Hard Rock, 2017)
Elisa Erin Bonomo - Antifragile (Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, 2017)
AmbraMarie - Bruciava Tutto (Alternative Rock, 2016)
Masstang - Visioni (electro rock, drum and bass, 2016)
Radkey - Delicious Rock Noise (Punk Rock/Garage Rock, 2016)
The Blue Poets - Goodbye (Blues Rock, 2016)
Finsterforst - #YL (Folk Metal/Pagan Metal, 2016)
Seek Irony - Tech'n'Roll (Modern Rock/Electro, 2016)
Kyng - Breathe In The Water (Stoner Rock, 2016)
Switchfoot - Where The Light Shines Through (Alternative Rock, 2016)
Skillet - Unleashed (Christian Rock, 2016)
Steve'n'Seagulls - Brothers In Farm (Folk Rock, 2016)
The Clan - All In The Name Of Folk (Celtic Punk Rock, 2016)
Infrared - Infrared (Alternative Rock, 2016)
The Last Shadow Puppets - Everything You've Come To Expect (Indie Rock, 2016)

The Night Flight Orchestra (Bjrn Strid)
Northlane (Marcus Bridge)
Satan Takes A Holiday (Fred Burman)
Deaf Havana (Matthew Veck-Gilodi)

Macy Gray: un viaggio nell'inconscio a suon di rhythm and blues
Time Machine II: The Clash