Pamela Piccolo


Avatar - Avatar Country (Melodic Death Metal, 2018)
Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons - The Age Of Absurdity (Hard Rock, 2018)
Mudhoney - LiE (Live in Europe) (Grunge, 2018)
Motörhead - Motörhead (Hard & Heavy, 1977)
Blackfinger - When Colors Fade Away (Doom, 2017)
Conan - Man Is Myth (Early Demos) (Sludge, 2017)
William Patrick Corgan - Ogilala (Acoustic Rock, 2017)
Godsticks - Faced With Rage (Progressive Heavy Rock, 2017)
Prophets Of Rage - Prophets Of Rage (Alternative Metal, 2017)
End Of Green - Void Estate (Gothic Metal, 2017)
Neun Welten - The Sea I’m Diving In (Dark Folk, 2017)
Les Discrets - Prédateurs (Post Rock/Trip Hop, 2017)
Stone Sour - Hydrograd (Rock, 2017)
Völur - Ancestors (Folk Metal/Doom, 2017)
LambStonE - Hunters & Queens (Rock, 2017)
Avatarium - Hurricanes And Halos (Hard&Heavy, 2017)
Zeal & Ardor - Devil Is Fine (Black Metal, 2017)
The Doomsday Kingdom - The Doomsday Kingdom (Heavy Metal, 2017)
Soundgarden - Ultramega OK (Expanded Reissue) (Grunge, 2017)
Void Cruiser - Wayfarer (Stoner/Space Fuzz, 2017)
Thebuckle - Labbrador (Stoner, 2017)
Fight The Fight - Fight The Fight (Metal/Rock, 2017)
Rockin’1000 - That’s Live - The Biggest Rock Band On Earth Live in Cesena 2016 (Rock, 2017)
Skymall Solution - Skymall Solution (Crossover, 2017)
Boston Manor - Be Nothing (Pop Punk, 2016)
Obituary - Ten Thousand Ways To Die (Death Metal, 2016)
Explosions In The Sky - The Wilderness (Post Rock, 2016)
Tenhi - Maaäet (Neofolk, 2006)
Deftones - Adrenaline (Crossover, 1995)

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons (Neil Starr, Todd Campbell)
Avatarium (Marcus Jidell)
Motörhead (Phil Campbell)
Accept (Wolf Hoffmann)
Avatarium (Marcus Jidell)
The Doomsday Kingdom (Leif Edling)
In Flames (Anders Fridén)
Fight The Fight (Amok)
Zeal & Ardor (Manuel Gagneux)
Beartooth (Caleb Shomo)

"My mind is a bad neighbourhood": la vulnerabilitŕ dei nostri idoli
Rockin’1000 Summer Camp
Chris Cornell: "I'm gonna break my rusty cage"
Layne Staley Italian Tribute 2017
Time Machine V: The Doors
Rockin’1000: “That’s Live - The Biggest Rock Band On Earth Live in Cesena 2016”
"Steal This Artwork": Nirvana
Lemmy Kilmister: "Born To Lose, Live To Win"
Time Machine III: Nirvana
Explosions In The Sky: dal silenzio totale alla violenza totale