Marilena Ferranti


Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow: Live In Birmingham 2016 (Hard Rock, 2017)
The Ferrymen - The Ferrymen (Melodic Metal, 2017)
Jorn - Life on Death Road (Hard Rock, 2017)
Warrant - Louder Harder Faster (Hard Rock, 2017)
Inglorious - Inglorious II (Hard Rock, 2017)
Treat - The Road More or Less Traveled (Hard Rock, 2017)
Crazy Lixx - Ruff Justice (Hard Rock, 2017)
The Jesus And Mary Chain - Damage and Joy (Alternative Rock, 2017)
Eclipse - Monumentum (Hard Rock, 2017)
Night Ranger - Don't Let Up (Melodic Rock, 2017)
Asia - Symphonia – Live in Bulgaria 2013 (Rock, 2017)
Unruly Child - Can't Go Home (AOR, 2017)
Lionville - A World Of Fools (Melodic Rock, 2017)
Jack Russel's Great White - He Saw It Comin' (Rock, 2017)
Pride of Lions - Fearless (Melodic Rock, 2017)
Magnum - The Valley of Tears - The Ballads (Melodic Rock, 2017)
Night Ranger - 35 Years and a Night in Chicago (Melodic Rock, 2016)
Hevidence - Nobody's Fault (Metal, 2016)
FM - Indiscreet 30 (AOR, 2016)
Hardline - Human Nature (Melodic Rock, 2016)
Kee Marcello - Scaling up (Hard rock, 2016)
Rock Wolves - Rock Wolves (Hard Rock, 2016)
Angels or Kings - Go Ask The Moon (AOR, 2016)
KIX - Can't Stop The Show: The Return Of KIX - A Documentary (hard rock, 2016)
Tyketto - Reach (Melodic Rock, 2016)
King Company - One For The Road (Hard Rock, 2016)
Palace - Master Of The Universe (Melodic Rock, 2016)
Cruzh - CRUZH (Glam Rock, 2016)

Warrant (Erik Turner)
The 69 Eyes (Jyrki 69)
Treat (Anders Wikström)
Asia (Asia)
Eclipse (Erik Mårtensson, Magnus Henriksson)
Lionville (Stefano Lionetti)
Immolation (Ross Dolan)
Pride of Lions (Jim Peterik)
Glenn Hughes (Glenn Hughes)
Kee Marcello (Kee Marcello)
Tyketto (Danny Vaughn)
DGM (Simone)
StOp,sToP! (Jacob A.M.)

Aerosmith: i video simbolo di intere generazioni
Secret Sphere: il track by track di "The Nature of Time"
Bon Jovi: come tutto ebbe inizio
Guns N'Roses: "Appetite For Destruction"