Wolves In The Throne Room
Black Cascade
Southern LordBlack Metal2009Federico Botti7.5  
Negura Bunget
Maiestrit [Reissue]
Lupus Lounge/ProphecyBlack Metal2010Stefano Risso8.5  
Dark End
Damned Woman And A Carcass
Dead Sun RecordsBlack Metal2009Federico Botti7  
Alan Parsons
Eye To Eye - Live In Madrid
Frontiers RecordsProg Rock2010Daniele Carlucci7.5  
Coup De Grace
Frontiers RecordsMelodic Rock2010Fabio Rigamonti6.5  
Vanilla Fudge
The Beat Goes On
AtcoRock1968Giovanni Capponcelli3  
Joanna Newsom
Have One On Me
Drag CityIndie2010Fabio Rigamonti7  
Lion MusicProg Metal2010Alessandra Leoni7  
Mystical Fullmoon
Scoring A Liminal Phase
Blackmetal.comBlack Metal2010Federico Botti8  
New Generation
Frontiers RecordsAOR2010Fabio Rigamonti6  
Crazy Lixx
New Religion
Frontiers RecordsHard Rock2010Gaetano Loffredo6  
Ballate Per Piccole Iene
EMIAlternative Rock2005Andrea Mariano8.5  
Everything Remains (As It Never Was)
Nuclear BlastFolk Metal2010Fabio Petrella7  
Amon Amarth
Once Sent From The Golden Hall
Metal BladeDeath Metal1998Riccardo Calanca9 
Horde Of Hel
Moribund RecordsBlack Metal2009Riccardo Calanca7  
Danny Elfman
Alice In Wonderland Original Score
Walt Disney RecordsSoundtrack2010Fabio Rigamonti7  
Gianluca Grignani
Romantico Rock Show
SonyPop Rock2010Andrea Mariano5.5  
Can't Slow Down
Rhino RecordsAOR2009Gaetano Loffredo6.5  
Atlantic RecordsAOR1977 SpazioRock8.5  
Silver Mountain
Hibiya - Live In Japan '85 [Reissue]
Metal Mind ProductionsHeavy Metal2009Alessandra Leoni7  
In Blood And Heart
Deity Down RecordsDeath Metal2009Riccardo Calanca7  
Science of Annihilation
Heavy Metal MediaHeavy Metal2009Davide Panzeri6  
The Poozies
Yellow Like Sunshine
Greentrax RecordingsFolk2009Fabio Rigamonti8  
No Guts, No Glory
Roadrunner RecordsHard Rock2010Gaetano Loffredo8 
Taking Dawn
Time To Burn
Roadrunner RecordsHard Rock2010Daniele Carlucci8.5  
Incredible String Band
The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter
ElektraFolk Rock1968Giovanni Capponcelli8  
Popa Chubby
The Fight Is On
Provogue RecordsHard Rock2010Marco Somma7.5  
Le Vibrazioni
Le Strade Del Tempo
SonyPop Rock2010Andrea Mariano6.5  
High On Fire
Snakes For The Divine
Relapse RecordsSludge2010Stefano Risso8  
Party Tonight
Rock 'n' Roll For The Masses
Red Pony RecordsHard Rock2010Daniele Carlucci6