Metal Allegiance
Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty
Nuclear BlastThrash Metal2018Sophia Melfi7.5  
Alice In Chains
Rainier Fog
BMGAlternative Rock2018Sophia Melfi8.5 
Mac & The Bee
One Of The Two
Officine MusicaliElectro/Rock2018Sophia Melfi6.5  
Mark Tremonti
A Dying Machine
Napalm RecordsHard Rock2018Sophia Melfi7  
At The Gates
To Drink From The Night Itself
Century Media RecordsDeath Metal2018Sophia Melfi7  
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden
EMIHeavy Metal1980Sophia Melfi8  
Death Alley
Century Media RecordsHard Rock2018Sophia Melfi7  
The Sonora
The Sonora
Believe Distribution ServicesAlternative Rock2018Sophia Melfi7  
Mad Season
ColumbiaAlternative Rock1995Sophia Melfi8  
Charlie Barnes
Century Media RecordsElectro Pop/Alternative Rock2018Sophia Melfi6.5  
Tax The Heat
Change Your Position
Nuclear BlastRock2018Sophia Melfi7  
Alice In Chains
Jar Of Flies
Columbia RecordsGrunge1994Sophia Melfi8 
Bleeding Gods
Nuclear BlastDeath Metal2018Sophia Melfi7.5  
Josh Todd & The Conflict
Year Of The Tiger
Century Media RecordsHard Rock/Heavy Metal2017Sophia Melfi7  
Sleeping Lions
Century MediaAlternative Rock/Hard Rock2017Sophia Melfi7