The Source
Mascott Label GroupProg Rock/Metal2017Marta Scamozzi8  
Bruce Dickinson
The Chemical Wedding
SanctuaryMetal1998Marta Scamozzi8.5 
Digital Love
Century MediaMetalcore2017Marta Scamozzi7  
Arch Enemy
As The Stages Burn (DVD)
Century MediaSymphonic Death Metal2017Marta Scamozzi8 
Black Mirrors
Funky Queen
Napalm RecordsRock2017Marta Scamozzi6.5  
Electric Age
Sleep Of The Silent King
EargasmSouthern Metal2017Marta Scamozzi7  
Suicide Silence
Suicide Silence
Nuclear BlastDeath Metal2017Marta Scamozzi5.5  
Michael Bolton
Songs Of Cinema
Frontiers MusicPop Rock2017Marta Scamozzi7.5  
Black Star Riders
Heavy Fire
Nuclear BlastHard Rock2017Marta Scamozzi7  
As Lions
Selfish Age
Better Noise RecordsAlternative Rock2017Marta Scamozzi7  
Once Human
Edel MusicMetal2017Marta Scamozzi8 
H-LabelsHard Rock2017Marta Scamozzi8 
Uli Jon Roth
Tokio Tapes Revisited - Live In Japan
UDR MusicRock2016Marta Scamozzi7.5  
Built To Last
Naplam RecordsPower Metal2016Marta Scamozzi8  
Iron Maiden
EMIHeavy Metal1984Marta Scamozzi9  
A Means To No End
Metal BladeHeavy Metal2016Marta Scamozzi8.5  
As Lions
Better NoiseAlternative Metal2016Marta Scamozzi7  
Forever Still
Tied Down
Nuclear BlastGothic Rock2016Marta Scamozzi7.5  
Art X
The Redemption Of Cain
MetalvilleMetal2016Marta Scamozzi8  
Bruce Springsteen
Chapter And Verse
Columbia RecordsRock2016Marta Scamozzi9.5 
Iron Maiden
Somewhere In Time
EMIHeavy Metal1986Marta Scamozzi8.5 
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Skeleton Tree
Bad Seed LtdAlternative Rock2016Marta Scamozzi9 
Heaven Shall Burn
Century MediaDeath Metal2016Marta Scamozzi8  
Bruce Dickinson
Accident Of Birth
VictorHeavy Metal1997Marta Scamozzi9  
Iron Maiden
Fear Of The Dark
EMIHeavy Metal1992Marta Scamozzi8