Municipal Waste
Slime And Punishment
Nuclear BlastThrash Metal, Hardcore Punk2017Mattia Schiavone7.5  
The Interbeing
Among The Amorphous
Long Branch Records/SPVIndustrial Metal2017Stefano Torretta7  
My Regime
Deranged Patterns
Scarlet RecordsThrash Metal2017Giovanni Ausoni6.5  
Blak Vomit
Macelleria Soxial
IndiehubPunk2017Alessandra Manini8 
Infectious Music, Atlantic RecordsIndie-Pop2017Giovanni Maria Dettori5  
...Of The Dark Light
Nuclear Blast RecordsBrutal Death Metal2017Matteo Poli7.5  
All Time Low
Last Young Renegade
Fueled by Ramen / Warner MusicPop2017Francesco De Sandre6.5  
Broken Hope
Mutilated And Assimilated
Century MediaDeath Metal2017Giovanni Ausoni6  
Royal Blood
How Did We Get So Dark?
Warner BrosAlternative Rock2017Paolo Stegani7.5  
David Bowie
The Rise And The Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
RCA RecordsGlam Rock1972Manuel Di Maggio9.5 
Feed The Machine
BMGHard Rock2017Paolo Stegani8 
Richie Kotzen
Salting Earth
Headroom-IncHard Rock2017Sergio Mancuso7  
autoprodottoelettronica2016Luca Ciuti8  
Fear Those Who Fear Him
Century MediaDeath Metal/Doom Metal2017Icilio Bellanima8 
Higher Power
Soul Structure
Flatspot/Venn RecordsHardcore2017 SpazioRock7.5  
Hunters & Queens
VrecRock2017Pamela Piccolo6  
One Foot In The Grave
Nuclear BlastThrash Metal2017Luca Ciuti7  
Chastity Belt
I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone
Hardly ArtIndie Rock2017Simone Maurovich7  
The Charlatans
Different Days
BMGPop-Rock2017Giovanni Maria Dettori6.5  
The Beatles
Yellow Submarine
AppleRock1969Costanza Colombo7  
Miss May I
Shadows Inside
SharpTone RecordsMetalcore2017Roberto Di Girolamo5.5  
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow: Live In Birmingham 2016
Eagle RecordsHard Rock2017Marilena Ferranti9 
Secret Sphere
The Nature Of Time
Frontiers RecordsPower / Prog Metal2017Stefano Torretta9 
Aural MusicPost Black Metal2017Marco Migliorelli9 
Flogging Molly
Life Is Good
SpinefarmCeltic Rock2017Francesco De Sandre7  
Radiation Romeos
Radiation Romeos
Frontiers MusicMelodic Rock2017Mattia Schiavone7  
Wednesday 13
Nuclear BlastAlternative Metal/Rock2017Giovanni Ausoni7  
Roger Waters
Is This The Life We Really Want?
SonyRock2017Luca Ciuti8 
Adrenaline Mob
We The People
Century MediaHeavy Rock2017Salvatore Dragone7.5  
Passing Stages: Live in Milan and Atlanta
Frontiers MusicProgressive Metal2017Valerio Cesarini7.5