Super Collider

2013, Tradecraft/Universal Music

Un disco solido e accattivante ma che come sempre scatenerà controversie tra i fan
Review by Marco Ferrari - Publish on: 04/06/13

New Megadeth album is just two years away from "Th1rt3en", an album full of lights and shadows that had certainly not fascinated, after the extraordinary and surprising "Endgame" in 2009.


"Super Collider" has the difficult task of clarifying what is the band real state of health in the songwriting process (as for the live performance, it's useless to deny the excellent level in these last years). As always, when it comes to Dave Mustaine we must also analyze some aspects not directly related to the music of the brilliant Californian guitarist. If "Th1rt3en" marked the return of David Ellefson on bass, it is not a secret that the record has been "affected" by not so idyllic intercourses between Mustaine and his record label.
Once he has changed label (or better, he opened his own label under Universal wing) Dave could manage the songwriting process of the new album and, most of all, take full advantage of the capabilities of his band mates.

Needless to beat about the bush, "Super Collider" is a great and substantial work, full of Thrash 'n' Roll nuances and so damn inspired. If in the opener "Kingmaker", Megadeth play it safe with a song inspired by the classics of the past, it is with songs like "Super Collider" and especially the amazing "Forget To Remember" that the listener is captivated by a more mature and deeper sound (but no less catchy), full of groove and rock and metal "intrusions".
Of course, in the record there are less successful songs, but as in "Built For War", there are still excellent guitar riffs which sustain the song and make it pleasant to listen to.

"Super Collider" is undoubtedly the result of a mature band that, with a substantial musical shakedown, managed to find an excellent balance on a personal level, which allowed Mustain to express himself at his best and to create a considerable record capable of sounding classic and modern at the same time. 

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