Children Of Bodom
Halo Of Blood

2013, Nuclear Blast
Death Metal

I Children Of Bodom tornano ai fasti del passato e regalano ai fan un altro classico
Review by Marco Ferrari - Publish on: 30/05/13

Children of Bodom in their sixteen-year career were defined in all possible ways: from enfants prodiges to saviors of metal, from an innovative band to a finished band. Probably each of these statements has its own reason, but it would take ages to talk thoroughly about it. After the bitterly disappointing "Relentless Reckless Forever" the Finnish band was facing a crossroads: either confirm the rumors that wanted the band short of ideas - thus inevitably doomed to decline - or surprise everybody, proving that the qualities, which made Alexi Laiho and company famous, had only a momentary and physiological downturn.

Something in the mind of the charismatic Finnish guitarist has clearly revived, as proved in the powerful opener "Waste Of Skin", but don't expect any Copernican Revolution in the sound of the band. Once the virtousity-for-its-own-sake and the melodic brakes are set aside (features which defined the band recent discography), "Halo Of Blood" opening song reminds us of the past and especially of "Hatebreeder", as it's a song rich in melody, with keyboards and guitars clearly evident.
The album is definitely inspired, in some parts even very, very inspired, as proved in the title-track or in the brand new single "Transference". "Scream For Silence" deserves a honorable mention, it's just one of the best songs ever written by Laiho. The record pleasantly goes by, rich in its sound and in its nuances - which goes from prog, to thrash and to melodic death; simply a perfect mix of what made the band great, with no breaks and with an average songwriting level of considerable importance. Obviously, this doesn't put the technique aside, which is not technique-for-its-own-sake, but it's a strong added value.

With "Halo of Blood" Children of Bodom don't only offer a simple and well made album, but also succeed in a difficult task - considered the quality of their first albums: they succeeded in expressing themselves to their highest level, giving us an album of uncommon intensity, one of the best albums ever written by the Finnish combo. A small, yet great masterpiece that gives us songs meant to become classics in Children of Bodom discography.

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