Sonic Firestorm [Reissue]

2010, Spinefarm Records
Power Metal

La ristampa del secondo disco dei Dragonforce

Review by Gaetano Loffredo - Publish on: 22/02/10

Dragonforce double and allow themselves the second important reissue after the more reasonable one – at least as far as the new mixing and mastering are concerned – of Valley Of The Damned: we’re talking about Sonic Firestorm. We already discussed about the album in a detailed review back in 2004, and after six years our opinion has not changed at all: it is a formally and technically perfect work, ranging over an ultra-overworked repertoire of sounds that loses itself in its extreme metrics, but also includes pleasant melodies and ideas, at least. This is, on the whole, the top of Dragonforce career, if we don’t mention “Through The Fire And Flames” released in the following album, that was a smash hit (and deserved it) throughout all the world thanks to the videogame Guitar Hero.

The reissue includes the bonus track "Cry Of The Brave", which the band described as the fastest track of the whole list (and it is), and a bonus dvd including another live performance in Japan dating back to 2005, unpublished video interviews and comments by the individual musicians.
Unlike the operation “Valley Of The Damned”, which underwent a very detailed sound reworking, Sonic Firestorm is just the same, with the above mentioned minor additions: to be bought if you don’t have the original copy, to be ignored if you already own it. Don’t miss the interview with Vadym Pružanov, who phoned us precisely to discuss about the new Dragonforce reissues.

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