Hell On Earth V [DVD]

2009, Magic Circle Music
Heavy Metal

Wimps and posers leave the Hall: i Manowar presentano il quinto capitolo di Hell On Earth.
Review by Gaetano Loffredo - Publish on: 22/12/09

Weird yet true, Manowar are still an absolute certainty: they managed to live through the last decade only thanks to great audio-visual productions, which provided for the poor quality of the music they recently created. As a matter of fact, “Gods Of War”, the latest EP “Thunder In The Sky” (and somehow “Louder Than Hell” and “Warriors Of The World” as well), don’t keep up with the history and the prestige of a band that ruled in the Eighties. Nowadays, this band only has remarkable hi-tech productions and huge concerts, which are transposed on DVD afterward.

Hell On Earth” arrived at its fifth chapter and it has been interrupted by two “Magic Circle”’s dvds and the amazing “The Absolute Power”. The four previous episodes of  “Hell On Earth” described in details the rise and the development of the Kings Of Metal’s career.
Everything that could be published until 2005 it has been issued indeed and therefore the new dvds focus on the four-year term 2005 – 2009, by showing videos all around the world. They are mixed with the same cleverness, despite the mechanical and almost boring direction; moreover, the editing is getting outdated. On the one hand, “Hell On Earth V” is praiseworthy for staying true to its past episodes, hence there is a real and uninterrupted saga;  on the other hand this product it’s objectionable for its too old-style.

All Manowar’s tricks (often labelled as “common places” by some people) can be found in the DVD: naked women, bikes on stage,  fireworks, hundreds and hundreds of lights, a huge audience, endless guitar solos, rockstar poses and Joey De Maio’s obscene language …. And, yes, there is also a place for our beloved music, as a background of a repetitive ceremonial.
However, don’t misunderstand me: this product is professional and advanced (When will you make a blue-ray dvd, Joey?). There are many unpublished tracks, being a Manowar dvd, always introduced by pictures and comments by overheated fans. So, there are over three hours of guaranteed fun.

The advice is always the same: if you are a die-hard fan, don’t hesitate and buy this dvd. However, a collector shouldn’t expect anything new but a “sequel of the story”. A story that is sadly revamped in the usual, uninteresting way.


02.Loki God Of Fire - Opening Sequence
03.Hand Of Doom - Norway 2009
04.Die For Metal- Germany 2007
06.Hail And Kill - Turkey 2005
07.Spain 2005
08.Sleipnir - Spain 2009
09.North America 2005
10.Thunder In The Sky - Magic Circle Festival III 2009
11.Manowar Rehearsal, Fans and Beer
12.Mountains - Germany 2007
13.Call To Arms - Finland 2009
14.Gloves Of Metal- Germany 2007
15.Greece 2007
16.Let The Gods Decide- Russia/Germany 2009
17.Czech Republic 2005 – 2007
18.The Ascension- Czech Republic 2005
19.King Of Kings- Czech Republic 2005
20.Germany 2007 – 2009
21.God Or Man - Magic Circle Festival III Germany 2009
22.Father - Magic Circle Festival III Germany 2009
23.Loki God Of Fire - Romania 2009
24.Demons Dragons And Warriors Tour Documentary 2007
25.Sons Of Odin - Germany 2007
26.Glory, Majesty,Unity - Germany 2007
27.Gods Of War - Germany 2007
28.Army Of The Dead Part II - Germany 2007
29.Odin - Germany 2007
30.Hymn Of The Immortal Warrrior - Germany 2007
31.End Credits
32.Immeasurable Punishment


01.Die For Metal Music Video
02.The Crown And The Ring – France 2009
03.The Ascension Orchestra Rehearsal- Czech Republic 2005
04.Gods Of War Album Documentary
05.Asgard Saga Documentary
06.Father Documentary
07.Manowar Café
08.Highlights From The Death To Infidels Tour 2009
09.Magic Circle Festival III Documentary
10.Metal Moments

Bleed From Within - Fracture

VideoIntervista - Live con Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation)

Pretty Maids - Maid In Japan - Future World Live 30 Anniversary

Her Chariot Awaits - Her Chariot Awaits

FM: Merv Goldsworthy

FM - Synchronized