Nili Brosh
Through The Looking Glass

2010, Autoproduzione
Hard Rock

Review by Alessandra Leoni - Publish on: 16/12/10

Nili Brosh is a young talented guitarist, who attended Berklee College Of Music (that school where a few Dream Theater members studied, without finishing the courses though). If having a talented female guitarist is quite surprising nowadays, it is more surprising the fact that young Nili (she's 22 years old) has been teaching in the famous College for some years. Our girl has a respectable curriculum, and I'd suggest you to have a look at it on the official website, in order to stop myself from being boring. Let's go straight to the point, i.e. her debut album, entitled "Through The Looking Glass" that is meant to be an exploration through the world of music, played with her chosen instrument.

This album is an exquisite mix of feminine sweetness - that is actually able to go through hard rock sounds and more delicate sounds, just like in the song "Hat Tricks", which is more like a lounge bar song or a song for a pub nearby the sea shore. This song is very lively with some sounds in it that belong to the mediterrean music. "Lost In Suburbia" looks like a fresco of a city in two different times of a day: the first part is very strong, as if the city is in constant motion; but the second part it gently flows into darkness, into melancholic colours and solitary walks. "Wafer" is one of the songs I prefer the most: it's catchy and very strong, with that irresistible and crazy boogie - woogie rhythm. The title track "Through The Looking Glass" is very enjoyable that remembered me of theme of travelling and exploration. But there's no time to waste and the liveliness of this girl blows out with the song "Never Be Enough" where our artist shows speed and precision in a very thick song. There aren't just sweetness and extreme softness in this record, being a female guitarist you have to be respected and show what you've got. One of the positive aspects of this album is that the drums are emphasized in the song I was talking about. I really liked them for the variety and the quality they showed to have.
Make sure you won't miss the drums solo in the final part of "Typsy Gypsy", a track that doesn't lack in strength and that ends worthily this very good album.

Passionate and virtuous guitarists such as Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, give a chance to this young girl such as Nili Brosh. You'll see that you won't regret it and you'll be satisfied because this is a very well done album, made with passion and quality, with a good balance between melody and aggressiveness. This artist has been a great surprise during these last months of 2010. Girls know how to be tough enough!

01. The House Of Tomorrow
02. Lost In Suburbia
03. Hat Tricks
04. High Strung
05. Through The Looking Glass
06. Placebo
07. Wafer
08. Never Be Enough
09. Typsy Gypsy

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