Apocalyptic Love

2012, Roadrunner Records
Hard Rock

Slash va a bersaglio con il secondo tentativo
Review by Daniele Carlucci - Publish on: 22/05/12

Translated by Marco Belafatti

Deep, visceral, apocalyptic love. Yes, apocalyptic: let's exaggerate! Indeed, the inspiration for our introduction came directly from the artist we're going to talk about. Slash is bound to his fans by an unconditional love, by the power of the noblest feelings that comes out from the title of his second solo album, "Apocalyptic Love". Two years after the self-titled debut, the Anglo-American guitarist is back with a new work and a stable line-up, with Myles Kennedy as his right hand-man. And what a right hand he is! The two works really well, bringing class, charisma and a sparkling rock attitude together under the aegis of one of the most successful collaborations of the last decade. The "conspirators" Brent Fitz (drums) and Todd Kerns (bass) complete the line-up that gave birth to the new album of the former Guns n' Roses member.

The album strikes the listeners first and foremost for its strength; thus, the result is no longer a compilation of tracks sung by several guests, as it happened on the debut album, but a real band effort. The group proves solid and credible and their work convinces us even when there's no real smashing hit to write the history of hard rock over again. It is definitely the case to say that "united we stand, divided we fall", because the songs support each other like the pieces of a sturdy interlocking structure. It was easily predictable: Slash's riffs and his sharp, incisive solos, combined with the magnetic voice of Myles Kennedy, literaly steal the show, but while the guitarist's inspiration is good, the interpretation of the singer is simply outstanding. The emblem of their collaboration, and perhaps of the whole album, is the song "Not For Me", an intense retrospection on all the bad experiences of Kennedy's past.

Yet we have to wait for the nervous riffs of "Halo" to enjoy the crucial moment of "Apocalyptic Love", since the song works as the watershed between the first part of the full-length, which flows away without major convulsions, and the second one, which is much more interesting and blessed by a higher-quality songwriting. Neoclassicism, bare hard rock rhythms and a final instrumental trip make "Anastasia" one of the most successful songs on the CD, while adrenaline is the key-element in "Hard & Fast" and "Shots Fired". Instead, those of "Not For Me" and "Bad Rain" are darker tones, the latter being driven by obsessive riffs that fill the most hidden corners of our brain, no longer to be caught nor removed; not only, this song is one that shows all the features of a real hit.

But you haven't heard the last of this; the deluxe edition of "Apocalyptic Love" comes out with two bonus tracks, "Carolina" and "Crazy Life", which are much more than a facelift of the standard edition and earn the album an extra half point. It's quite a pity that the two tracks are not included in the standard tracklist, where they would have stood out in terms of quality. Especially "Crazy Life", with its dynamic riffs interspersed by excellent melodic choruses, is worth the price of the ride.

The second episode of Slash's solo career is definitely better than his 2010's controversial debut: "Apocalyptic Love" is a real album, played by a real band, and it has a real value. Slash and Myles Kennedy are not just the usual ordinary pair, they're two world-beaters and together they can truly be all the fashion. What might have looked like an extemporary collaboration at first, has now turned into one of the most solid realities in the whole hard rock scene.

01. Apocalyptic Love
02. One Last Thrill
03. Standing In The Sun
04. You're A Lie
05. No More Heroes
06. Halo
07. We Will Roam
08. Anastasia
09. Not For Me
10. Bad Rain
11. Hard & Fast
12. Far And Away
13. Shots Fired
14. Carolina (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
15. Crazy Life (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)

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