Sinéad O'Connor
How About I Be Me (And You Be You?)

2012, One Little Indian
Pop Rock

E' forse questa la strada per tornare alla serenità ed alla grande musica alla quale Sinéad ci ha abituati?
Review by Alessandra Leoni - Publish on: 20/05/12

The turbulent Sinéad O'Connor is back in the music scene with her ninth album, "How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?". After a few years of troubled love life - the artist has had four different husbands and children, for the sake of news and information - Sinéad is back to entertain her audience in a better way than the controversial and questionable "Theology", although she hasn't completely recovered her strength yet, because now she is suffering from a heavy nervous breakdown that is keeping her away from any live activity at least for the rest of the year.

In this full-length the concept that stands out from the melodies and lyrics is honesty, towards oneself and others. This journey is made of simple and basic pop-rock melodies and little confessions, one for each song that compose the album. Do not be misled by the festive atmosphere of "4th And Vine", a folk and carefree song, where the Irish singer-songwriter speaks of clothes, hairstyles, and wedding with a sweet and respectable man, because the best part is the moment when the artist is bare of any stylish dress or make up and invites us to meditate in the melancholic song "Reason With Me ". It is in this kind of songs that you can face the true Sinéad O'Connor, a bit sarcastic and ironic, as you can hear in "Old Lady", a song with strong guitars and percussions. The artist gives the best, then, in "The Wolf Is Getting Married", where the wolf is nothing but herself, an animal that howls in loneliness and away from the crowd, accompanied by a gray sky, that suddenly becomes sunnier. It is a call to never shed a tear again - "never cry again" - to stand up and try to see things with more serenity. If these examples weren't enough, you should consider even the dreamy "Back Where You Belong", which is basically a homecoming after a long journey: even if you had to part ways, you can't help but go back to the place where you belong richer.

No doubt that the vicissitudes experienced by Sinéad O'Connor made her return to a nice and catchy pop rock sound, which mixes well with her unmistakable voice. Had it been done before this album, perhaps "How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?" would have been a further milestone of a controversial songwriter, who stood out with her strong and extreme gestures, and all her turmoils and crisis. Right now, though, it sounds just like a simple attempt to get back on track, doing recognizable, but still deep music. In this work O'Connor is emotionally stripped, she's honest, she did something she hasn't done for a good while. For sure this album is a test more for herself, than for her fans, and she tested her courage by choosing simple and catchy solutions. Maybe this is the right way to go back to serenity and to the great music she got us used to.

01. 4th And Vine
02. Reason With Me
03. Old Lady
04. Take Off Your Shoes
05. Back Where You Belong
06. The Wolf Is Getting Married
07. Queen Of Denmark
08. Very Far From Home
09. I Had A Baby
10. V.I.P.

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