Secret Sphere
Portrait Of A Dying Heart

2012, Scarlet Records
Power Metal

Ali spiegate e un volo libero verso l’infinito...
Review by Gaetano Loffredo - Publish on: 26/11/12

Translated by Marco Belafatti

And yet, on the stroke of the hour, the world had begun spinning again, tearing her from sleep and forcing her to get on that train, with duty as her destination.

Secret Sphere get back on track and try to head to new horizons, after saying goodbye to their former frontman Roberto Messina. A new life, new emotions and new goals came unexpectedly as the best Italian singer around, Michele Luppi (ex-Vision Divine, Killing Touch, also known for his collaboration with Thaurorod), joined the band's line-up. Let's be honest, “Archetype” gave us the alarm, proving there was something wrong with Secret Sphere. The Italian band seemed to go on way too much automatically, looking for some inspiration, old or new, that could help them get back on top, as in the early days (does anyone remember “A Time Never Come”?). There was no spark, no strong incentive, perhaps they were already waiting for Michele Luppi. Destination? Duty.

Now she was alone with her imagination, alone with her urgent need to revive.

First aim: resurrection. “Portrait Of A Dying Heart” comes from a tale, “She Complies With The Night”, expressly written by Costanza Colombo for the album. The dreamlike, noble lyrics are key to dive into this overwhelming experience, as they set the direction of the whole record. The journey will lead you through abstract worlds, and your subconscious will be put to the test, in the deepest corners of your lucid dreams: a fight between your rational and your irrational side, entwined with the notes and melodies of a perfect soundtrack. One of the best Italian heavy metal records is born.

Climbing the clouds and finding a seat on a crescent moon was so easy. The floods of shooting stars all around her decorated the sky with arabesques.”

Climb the clouds, now you can. The album opens on a track that few listeners will understand at first, though a few more will realize that this is a wonderful instrumental that sums up all the melodies that will come out with the next tracks. The guys show their muscles on this new adventure, and we've got the constant impression that this is the best Secret Sphere line-up ever; not only, Mr. Luppi is a very talented guy and he brings in his experience, his victories and even his scars, but there's no doubt that the final result is a masterpiece. Ten brilliant compositions that require a great attention, yet satisfy the listeners way faster than they could ever think, possessing their bodies and souls thanks to deep melodies that go straight to their hearts. The album's long, fascinating and emotional climax unleashes the heaviest soul of Secret Sphere (“X.”, “Wish & Steadiness”, “The Fall”, “Healing”), but also their most abstract and ethereal side (“Union”, “Lie To Me”, “Eternity”), as strength, courage and romanticism collide in this imaginary and decadent world.

I had found my source, the origin of the fervor which for years I'd dreamed of experiencing and expressing through my rhymes. But by then I was no longer able to write, I had lost all powers except that of feeling.

The source is finally found and now we only need to listen. Secret Sphere made a magical, powerful, surreal record, born from their unconditioned love for this musical genre. The heart goes beyond any obstacle and reaches the perfect balance of elements: Aldo Lonobile and Michele Luppi first, then the other guys (Marco, Andrea, Gabriele and Federico), a prodigious writer (Costanza Colombo), a space age production by Simone Mularoni and, most of all, a flawless songwriting. Spread your wings and fly to the infinite sky: a lifetime of sacrifices gathered by a soundtrack to be lived forevermore.

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