Black Label Society (Zakk Wylde)
It was a kind of pragmatic Zakk Wylde whom we talked with on the telephone a few days ago, speaking from his house in Los Angeles, 8 in the morning. The "American Viking" is definitely one of the most influencial characters in the whole heavy metal scene and we're proud to share this exclusive interview and shed some new light on his latest release: "Unblackened". Here's what our guitar hero had to say!
Article by Gaetano Loffredo - Publish on: 25/09/13

Hi Zakk, having this interview with you is a great honour for me: welcome to

Thank you man, thank you very much!

As for me, “Unblackened” is a great DVD, a very, very good DVD. A very intense one.

Thanks a lot!

zakk_wylde_intervista_01We're here to talk about the new Black Label Society DVD, “Unblackened”, an intimate and intense concert at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. This was something pretty different from your usual shows...

Usually we do a normal gig, as headliner, sometime as a breakdown we play “In This River” or “Spoke In The Wheel”. This was an opportunity to do a bunch of songs that haven’t seen even the light of day. On the record, we usually do metal songs... But, yeah, it was just an opportunity to do stuff like this.

So, it was more like a blues concert, than the usual heavy metal set: I think I've never seen such a calm and concentrated crowd...

Yeah, you know, everyone was just chilling out and digging it. We weren’t doing a heavy thing, so I think everyone was just relaxing.

It was wonderful to see your daughter singing with his beardless father, while playing his acoustic guitar: what are your best memories of this moment?

We had a great time during the whole show. It something like the next page for Black Label Society: we can play heavy stuff and we can go through a show like “Unblackened” a bit later, a different show.

Zakk, I've recently read and reviewed the italian edition of your book released by Tsunami Edizioni, “Bringing Metal To The Children” and just like anyone else I think it is great. Unfortunately, it is too short! Have you ever tough about a second volume, maybe with some new creepy anecdotes to share?

Yeah! All I have to do is go on the road for six weeks and I’d have a whole new book! (laughs)

Inside the credits we can find the names of your kids, Barbaranne, Ozzy, Sharon Osbourne, Dimebag Darrell and… the mighty JD. Is there anyone among them who really changed the meaning of your life and you would like to thank above all?

I believe I am grateful towards all of them, for everything I am.

zakkwylde_intervista_01Dealing with biographies, Slash wrote on his autobiography of a young Zakk Wylde who had just become Ozzy's guitarist and was so happy about it... That he fainted inside the bath tub after the party, waking up all alone at dawn... Is it all true?

Of course, that is what I have done! (giggles)

And what about Ozzy and Black Sabbath “13”, have you listened to it? What's your opinion about it?

Yeah, I think it’s great, with great songs.

Dealing with tv shows and movies, I've been longing to ask you about the movie “Rockstar”, which I really enjoyed, in which you played a part and wrote some wonderful music for the soundtrack...

Of course, I had a great time with that movie. Mark Wahlberg is a great guy and Jennifer Aniston is a supercool lady. Everybody in that movie is a very cool guy. And you know, the whole process of making a movie is very interesting!

So, let's talk about the next Black Society Album: the last one, “Order Of The Black”, had a great success. When will you start working on it?

We’re going to start pretty much this month, on the 28th.

Have you already written any new riff?

Yeah, I’ve got a pack of new material ready to go. 




Ok Zakk, thank you so much for sharing your time with us: please leave a message to all your Italian fans who are craving for another Black Label Society gig...

I just would like to tell to the Black Label Society Italian fans that we have all enjoyed our time in Italy and that we will be back in 2014. God bless, thank you.

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