Whitesnake, Secret Sphere (Michele Luppi)
One of the most eminent names in the world of rock, David Coverdale's Whitesnake, hired our greatest talent, Michele Luppi, taking him among the Legends. In this exclusive interview, Michele told us all the details of his amazing story...
Article by Gaetano Loffredo - Publish on: 03/06/15

Welcome, Michele! Let's start with the one million dollar question: how did you manage to become a member of Whitesnake, one of the most renowned rock bands in the world?



Nothing exceptional, really. I knew they were looking for a keyboardist with specific skills. So I recorded a clip immediately in which I was singing and playing their songs and this is something I've been doing regularly for more than 25 years! David really liked the video and, in the end, he chose me among all the other candidates. That's all! I must thank Reb (the guitar player Reb Beach) because, if I'm part of the band, it's mainly because of him.


Although the news was extraordinary, nobody was really surprised, especially among your fans. Everybody believes is the chance of a lifetime, the one you deserved. Would you like to thank somebody in particular?

luppiitw01In addition to the above-mentioned Reb, I am grateful to David Coverdale who has put his trust in me and to Maurizio Solieri for being the first one who believed in me. Also Eric Martin and Kip Winger for supporting me after I sent my demo for this audition. My most heartfelt thanks go to my girlfriend Elena, for supporting me when I decided to return to my first instrument, two years ago. Too many things happened for not believing in coincidences: whoever really loves me knows what I'm talking about. Thanks to Blade Fraternity, to my guys from MLB, Roberto Priori, Roberto Galli, Secret Sphere, my students, to all my friends who have always supported me. Thanks to my sister Elisa, and to my parents Quirino and Dia: they will always have the 51% of the credits for my achievements. Is this enough?


The news came out of the blue... why don't you tell me about your first conversation with David Coverdale?


David welcomed me in a way that overcame my expectations: that is as a member of the band. He's a very dynamic person, an unordinary cheerful and funny guy. Honestly, I didn't expect my idol to be like this: it actually blew me away. He just told me: "Hey Italian Stallion, welcome aboard!"


Since I know you and I know how confident of your skills you are, I'm sure you were at ease when you arrived in the United States for the first rehearsal. Can you please tell me what was your first impression as soon as you landed on the west-coast? How was the band welcome?


As you already know, I had already lived in the US for a while. I just couldn't wait to help the band. Tha band welcomed me warmly and, after a few days of rehearsal, we got along really well with each other. I feel this is the right place for me.. sharing the music I love the most with the rock icons I have always worshipped. As Tozzi would have said: "Cazzo è fantastico!"


As far as rehearsing with Whitesnake is concerned, did you already know, before getting there, which songs you would have had to play? How does it feel to share the studio with them?


Of course, I had already received a list of songs I had to study... I knew all of them but some Deep Purple songs! We rehearsed for ten days, with the entire production team... I had the wonderful chance to rehearse as "true artists" do, I mean taking care of all the details. Although everyone worked on his own "sound", the band members interacted with each other. Taking part to the creation of such a rock show has been a beautiful life experience.


Do you think your projects with MLB and Secret Sphere are going to be possibly affected by your entry in Whitesnake?


Actually I hope my collaboration with Whitesnake will help my other bands. I'll always do what I've always done: giving all I that have, keeping Music at the first place in my life.









Talking about Secret Sphere: the band has just re-released "A Time Never Come", the greatest album among those which were released before you joined them, the one that made the band get a deal with Nuclear Blast. Do you like the album? How did it feel to work on it?


At first, I disagreed with the band about re-recording it, then I changed my mind during the progress. At least five songs of the album have not been affected by the years, so I believe they can become great Secret Sphere classics. I hope they can walk in the footsteps of "Here I Go Again", "Fool For Your Loving", and "Crying In The Rain"!


Have you already started to work to the new Secret Sphere album? Are you going to write some music for it? If I'm not wrong, "Portrait" was already completed when you entered the band, and you just had to deal with vocals.


Actually, dealing with vocals and lyrics means creating more than the 50% of a song. Were you aware? I think it's already enough as a task in a band! Sadly, people always misunderstand how albums are created. I don't want to explain how I am used to work, I would appear snooty and annoying. Maybe I won't write everything for every instrument again, as I did for "Strive" or "One Of A Kind"... or maybe it will be the next thing I'll do. Who knows! It depends on who's working with me: I'm surrounded by talents who needs to put into practice what they have learned. I can become a pain in the ass when I notice that someone who's working with me is lacking of Passion and Coherence. I can tell you that I love dealing with the album production, and that I feel teamwork really stimulating, as it happened with Secret Sphere and Vision Divine. At the moment I'm totally involved in this tour, but I'm really looking forward to release new albums with this positive vibes I am taking with me, and to make the most of what I'm learning.



On June the 18th Secret Sphere will play at SpazioRock Festival, but unfortunately you are not going to be there, since you will be with Whitesnake. What will you do to make your fans and our readers forgive you?


If it was possible, I would just buy two plane tickets. Maybe I can come next year with an album of my own!


We have a deal! And tell me... Now that you're in Whitesnake, do you feel free to tell something that has been bothering you?


Not really. I'm always pure and sincere in what I do... you should know it! I'd rather enjoy what I have now.


Your fans are waiting for your show on November the 29th, in Milan. I think it will it be a very special show for you, won't it?


I just can't wait! Who knows how David will introduce me! It'll be fantastic to share all this with my friends... Me in Whitesnake?? Me?? I'll just tell you that "1987" was published the day I turned thirteen, and that day I received as a birthday gift my first real keyboard, a Roland Alpha Juno 2. Did you know that I was born in the day of California Jam? And I could go on this way... Thanks Gaetano! You've always been very kind to me!





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