Alter Bridge (Mark Tremonti)
"Fortress", the new Alter Bridge album, is due to be released on September 30th. We recently reached guitarist Mark Tremonti on the phone and discussed a bunch of interesting issues. Enjoy our interview!
Article by Francesco De Sandre - Publish on: 27/09/13

Hi Mark, it’s an honor to me to have a conversation with you. I’ve prepared some questions for you about the new album, the relationship with other members of the band and your personal carreer as guitarist.


Hi Francesco, thank you. How are you?

Oh well, thanks. Where are you now?


I’m at home in Orlando right now.

Ok. I am in Padua right now, near Venice. Three years ago you played here with Alter Bridge, maybe you remember...


Oh yes, I do.

First question is obviously about the new album. On September 30th “Fortress”, the fourth Alter Bridge studio record, will be finally available. First of all, where does this title come from?


Well, we wanted that the title of the record came from one of the most important songs, so we decided to make “Fortress” the title-track. There are several messages of passion in this song.

marktremonti_2105489500x500How would you judge this last record? What’s your opinion about it?


I’m very happy, we wanted to go beyond our limits, we worked hard on the arrangements, tried a little experimentation and that’s what we did.

Which are the most important influences or experiences that rise up through the new songs?


Hope and resolution: there’s a couple of hopeful songs and the same “Fortress” means that nothing last forever, and we have a little time to try to enjoy our life, we can all do better.

I read that these new songs have been recorded from April to July 2013. Did you work hard during these months?


Well me and Myles started writing new songs in January and the production lasted form March to July. We worked very hard but that’s what we love.

An important thing to say is that during these last years Myles Kennedy worked a lot with Slash. Do you think that this experience helped him writing new Alter Bridge songs?


I think that all the experiences that anybody acquire working on other projects make a musician a better musician, so I think these last years have been positive for him.

How does an Alter Bridge song come up?


Just like any other song, you know, we just sit down and try to communicate feelings or emotions, we put them togheter and play each other what we write: there the song comes up. We made this album togheter like a puzzle.

Mark, apart from your life as musician, live tours and work experiences, do you travel a lot?


Oh, a little bit. Me and my wife like to bring the kids to the beach or sunny places like the Bahamas, but the most of the travels I do is when we are on tour.

If you want to tell us a secret, where do you find inspiration for your music? I guess it is not that easy...


Oh gosh, well life experiences, growing up, embark on life, begin life's adventures, all of these things give me inspiration: it’s hard but I’m never tired of doing it!

marktremontiandmyleskeneedy_alterbridgesm_600I agree. One of the best songs on the new record is “Waters Rising”, where you sing most of the time while Myles sings the chorus with you. I think that this is a beautiful image of friendship. What’s your relationship with him?

We’re like brothers, we spent a lot of time together since the end of ‘90, there’s a lot of respect between us and the most important thing is that we love to work together.

Now let’s talk about you. Last year you released your solo album, “All I Was”: would you like to say something about?

Yes, last year I worked hard on my own and I recorded “All I Was” with the producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette. The album sounds good and very natural because that’s what I love to do, writing songs and find new roads.

Last year you showed the world and your fans “All You Were”. But now, who are you, as a man and as an artist? Are you satisfied with your life and career?

Yeah, it’s the most important thing in my life: my kids, my wife and then comes my band, so my life gives me the oppurtunity to show what I want and I’m proud of this.

In your previous interview with us you told us about your favourite rock bands of the past. Now I ask you which are the new rock bands that you like and, in your opinion, will become famous and maybe reach the same level of Alter Bridge.

Oh, Jesus... (*whisper*) It’s hard to me to answer because I still listen to the bands that i listened to when I was growing up, and when I want to listen something new I approach to new guitar riffs and the most famous guitar players of the world.  

This autumn you’ll be on tour, we are waiting for you here in Italy on 11th and 12th November in Rome and Milan. This is not really the first time you come to Italy, isn't it?

No, we’ve been in Italy many many times. Every time we come, we would like to make...more than six shows!

Your italian gigs will be opened by Halestorm. What do you think about them? Do you like the band?

Yeah, Halestorm is a great band and I think that Lzzy (Hale, ndr) is one of the best female rock singer in the world. It’s going to be a great experience for all the fans.

In UK Shinedown will open most of your live concerts as well. Here in Italy they are getting good feedbacks expecially from radio stations. What’s your opinion about this band?

Shinedown sound great, I remember when they started their career I liked their songs and words in them. It’s good to see rock bands growing up because it helps everybody working even better

Last question is about last record, again: which is the message that Alter Bridge want to leave to the fans that will listen to it?

I hope they’ll appreciate our hard working, and I hope that through our music everybody could change and live with passion and determination.




Thank you so much for this interview! Please say something to your Italian fans and SpazioRock readers.

Yeah, we always really really really love playing in Italy because of the amazing crowd so we are waiting for all of you!

Well Mark, we have finished. Thank you for your time and for your words. See you soon, bye!

Thank you so much Francesco. Good luck, bye!

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