Sleeping Pulse (Luis Fazendeiro, Mick Moss)
Sociology meets atmospheric rock: Mick Moss (Antimatter) and Luis Fazendeiro (Painted Black) tell us the origins of their new project!
Article by Riccardo Coppola - Publish on: 13/02/15

Hi guys, welcome to our pages! How is it going? How is the feedback you have received for "Under The Same Sky" like?

Mick: Hi there, thanks very much for the interview! The feedback for the album has been overwhelming; people seem to be very, very happy with it. We are too.


When and how did the idea of Sleeping Pulse come to you? What does the "sleeping pulse" of the band name hint to? What has suggested you this name for the band?


Mick: I stayed at Luis' place in 2008 after an Antimatter gig in his hometown, and the conversation turned to the demos he was working on at the time. He played me a few pieces, all instrumental tracks, and I liked the vibe I was getting from them. I suggested to him there and then that I could craft songs out of those instrumentals, and the idea for Sleeping Pulse was planted rather quickly.

Luis: I came up with the idea for the name around 2007/2008. My goal was to make a more mellow project so I could concentrate on the heavier side of music with my main band Painted Black. When we sleep, our heartbeat rate drops and is very low so I thought "Sleeping Pulse" was a name that I could easily associate with a more atmospheric and melodic music. I remember that I wanted to experiment with electronic elements too so the "Pulse" part of the name has actually two meanings if you take that in consideration. Overall, I chose the name because it reflects the general mood that I wanted to have in this project and it is abstract enough to not pin it to a specific musical genre.

sleepingpulseitw01Have you had any difficulty in order to make this project and your main bands coexist?


Mick: I guess so. Sleeping Pulse had to be postponed a few times due to my commitments to Antimatter, so I suppose it wasn't as if we both had empty diaries. But once the time was right we got down to it and got it done, that process itself was really quite straightforward as we both felt the strength of the material and had absolute faith in what we were doing.


The album has a very particular cover art: why did you choose this specific artwork? What does it represent?

MICK: Pedro Daniel/Anomaly Design was responsible for the fantastic artwork for ‘Under The Same Sky'. The album cover he did from the title alone. From that point onwards I began working with him, offering up the concepts for each song, for which he came back with stunning graphics, absolutely nailing the lyrical content in image form. As the lyrics are based upon my own past, it is very strange to see my memories represented as visual art with such clarity and style. And for me, as the originator of these concepts, to speak in such a way is certainly a testament to Pedro's talent and ability.


The lyrics deal with society manipulations and sociopathy. Can you tell me something about the background of this concept? Is there any literary source that inspired it?


MICK: The concept and lyrics arent from a literary source, theyre from my own recent history, I had some really bad luck with a textbook sociopath a few years back that very nearly dismantled my life, my family, my business. Everything I had was on the line, and everybody I knew was screaming at me ‘YOU'RE BEING USED!!'' but I just couldn't see it, such was my faith in this particular person, but that is the nature of the sociopath ... they make you believe you're both ‘under the same sky', and nothing can convince you otherwise. Except when my usefulness ran out due to me finally realising I had been brainwashed for the other person's obvious gain. But by that time the sociopath in question had found somebody else whom they thought could help them better, so they disappeared.... with a lot of my money. It took me a while to pick up the pieces from that particular episode. But I'm much smarter now about how manipulative people can be. You live, you learn. And I'm here to warn people about that kind of behaviour. Soon afterwards I started researching the modus operandi of the sociopath, its fascinating stuff, and also quite scary how these people exist and operate, all independently of each other, yet all displaying the same characteristics. Sociology is fascinating.


Although all the music has been composed by Luis, your work has a lot of points of contact with Antimatter's sound. Was it hard to find the right compromise between Luis' musical background and the typical ground for Mick's singing?


LUIS: I wouldn't say there was a compromise between our musical backgrounds. My initial idea was always to do something different from Painted Black, so, making Sleeping Pulse a metal project was always out of the way. From that perspective there was no compromise but it's natural to see points of contact with Antimatter when you have melodic atmospheric music combined with the unique soulful voice of Mick, which is very characteristic. Saying that, you can hear a lot of experimentation on the album, from post-rock like guitars, string quartet arrangements, electronic sounds, acoustic guitars, heavy rock riffing and some prog arrangements, so the true compromise was that we would only work on music that Mick could connect and that would trigger some images / lyrics / vocals melodies in his head. So we both wrote from the heart and found a common thread to work on.


Your music is a very particular blend of alternative, acoustic and modern prog rock. How would you describe it to someone who's completely new to your music?


LUIS: Well, as I said earlier we have a lot of different elements in our music and some people have also mentioned in some reviews that they found it difficult to categorize so it's not an easy question to answer. I would describe it at best as Atmospheric Rock if I wanted to give it a simple label but in more detail I would say that our music is soulful, intense, melancholic and with a Rock edge to it.


All your songs are filled with breathtaking and very introspective melodies, that you break from time to time with heavier moments (like it is in "Noose"). What are the feelings you want your listeners to feel?


LUIS: That's another very difficult question to answer... My first and most important goal when I write music is always to feel connected to it. It has to have meaning and an emotional weight within me. That is a very personal experience as you can imagine, and I would lack the words to describe it, but I write for myself first and foremost. Ideally, after the music has been all written and recorded, and knowing that vocals have always a very strong weight on the songs, I just hope the listeners can relate in their own way to the music and that experience can be very different from mine. as long as there's an emotional connection I feel that my work has been done. I know I tend to write in a very melancholic way and I would not expect for anyone to feel like jumping around hearing our music like it was "party music" but I don't feel it is depressive either and it has some beauty to it and also a lot of energy in the more Rock moments.


sleepingpulseitw02Is there some band that has provided you inspiration? Do you have a current musical scene you're following with interest?


LUIS: I like many different types of music and eventually everything I hear ends up inspiring me in one way or another. I like extreme metal stuff like Bloodbath and Dimmu Borgir, prog stuff like Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Soen, Rock acts like Pink Floyd or Jeff Buckley, even more Pop bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode and The Pierces. I also listen to electronic alternative bands like The Prodigy, Massive Attack and Portishead and I like a lot movie soundtracks and acoustic singer-songwriter stuff. As you see, I follow a lot of musical scenes and I'm interested in all things related to music.


Are you planning to create sequels to your debut album or bringing this project to the live dimension, some day in the future? Or will "Under The Same Sky" remain a one-off recording?


MICK: As far as live performances of Sleeping Pulse material is concerned I will integrate songs from Under The Same Sky into Antimatter sets for the foreseeable future. Im not sure if we will get to make any Sleeping Pulse gigs this year though, as on the Antimatter side of things I have a very busy year ahead of me. Coming up I have ‘The Judas Table', which is the 6th Antimatter album, for which I'm currently in the process of constructing the demos/pre-production. It's interesting. Antimatter has completely changed from the previous album, again! This sounds nothing like ‘Fear Of A Unique Identity', the same way that ‘Fear' sounded nothing like ‘Leaving Eden'. I'm hoping ‘The Judas Table' can come out this year, but we will see. In the live scene I will be playing some acoustic dates by myself, playing songs from my career as well as covers of tracks that influenced me throughout my life. This is a really great experience for me, as I'm just on stage by myself with my acoustic guitar. Antimatter are already confirmed for a few festivals in the summer of 2015 (Castle Party Poland, Metalhead Meeting Romania, WGT Germany) as well as having some other festivals in the pipeline. Then the live Antimatter band hits the road in October. Sleeping Pulse is already close to my heart, though, so I'm just waiting for more music to come from Luis, at which point we will have the seeds of a second album ...

LUIS: We are now enjoying having the album out and promoting it the best we can. Regarding new music it's still very soon to tell but eventually, when our busy schedules are free again, we will have our minds focused on a new record and see what we can come up with.


Would you please close this interview with a message to your fans and to our readers?


MICK: Yeah, to anyone who has been the victim of manipulation, you didn't deserve that, you drew a bad card but you are able to learn and move on. Take positives from your experiences where you can, and learn to trust again.

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