Blues Pills (Elin Larsson)
Young and promising - Swedish-French-American act Blues Pills stood out for having been influenced by the music of the '70s. Quite weird for such a young band, isn't it? And now, they have a record ("Blues Pills") coming out next July - so, couldn't have had a better chance to speak to Blues Pills frontwoman, Elin Larsson!
Article by Alessandra Leoni - Publish on: 03/07/14
Elin Larsson has a fresh and clear voice - she greets me with an "Hi! How are you?" on the phone - and after that, the interview to Blues Pills can begin.

It can be very well said that the band is rather fresh - "We formed in 2011" said Elin - and what's interesting is that the band members don't come from the same country "We come from Sweden, France and United States!". How come they met each other? "I went to California for a vacation and I met Zack (Anderson, bass player) and Cory (Berry, drummer), who is my step-brother. So we started to hang out together and we showed each other the songs we wrote. We started collaborating, so Cory added drums and we started recording the three of us. We hadn't Dorian in the band, then. But... It all started with two demos uploaded on YouTube. We had a tour in Spain and Portugal, and after that, we wanted the fourth band member. Dorian wanted to play with us... We had a good connection together and... Things just kept happening!" she explained, laughing.


bluespills_intervista_2014_01Blues Pills has a record coming out next July, here's what Elin told me about the writing and recording process: "For this record, we worked as a band. To be honest, some songs have been written quite long time ago, but the other members added some finishing touches here and there - for example, Dorian's solos. Then, some songs have been written together with Zack, who helped me also with some lyrics. We recorded the album in Luxembourg with Don Alsterberg, who was the sound engineer, but also the producer, because none of us had experience in things like these, like working with a producer in a studio. There, we worked on the structure of the songs, I mean, we really learnt a lot in working with Don. While recording, we used analog sounds!".


It's quite interesting that Blues Pills has been influenced by ‘70s rock - quite an unusual choice for a young band - "Well, that's because that was the music we had around when we were growing up. So we naturally started writing songs close to that kind of music - we love Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix". Elin's musical background is quite unique - for her age - "My main influences were Aretha Franklin and Joe Cocker, those were the first artists I have ever listened to - I tried to sing like them! Oh, and I love Etta James! In pre-school I had a music class, I was like 5 years old. And my dad had a huge CD collection with different kinds of music. I actually had my first solo performance in a school musical when I was 9 years old. When I was 14, I started taking lessons with a vocal coach, but I was already doing solo stuff in school. When I was 18 I went to a music school, it was a sort of high school, and I sang in a local band in my town".


The band - now all based in Sweden - has achieved quite a lot, being a young combo, but its members are staying down to Earth: "We are so grateful for what's happening to us - we are so grateful to have a great team working with us - the label, our manager - without that, nothing would have been possible" says a grateful Elin.




"We will be in Rome for the Totem Psych Fest in July, we will play at some summer festivals - and then we have booked a tour this autumn across Europe, with a band called The Vintage Caravan". Italian fans! Mark the date on your calendar: on 25th July, Blues Pills will be in Rome for the very first time: you don't want to miss it, do you?

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