Enforcer (Olof Wikstrand)
Young, fierce and shameless. Olof Wilkstrand is here to introduce us to the new Enforcer album "Death By Fire".
Article by Davide Panzeri - Publish on: 25/01/13

Your sound is clearly an homage to the old 80’s. Tell us more…

The intention is not to make songs in the vein of the 80's; the intention is to write good songs. And thinking of that, I’m basically only listening to older metal and hard rock and it’s not very strange. We just make the music we like to listen ourselves. We don’t see us as any traditional or retrograded band. We are probably the most modern band in the whole world and not being inspired by modern bands will never make a band retro or old school.

Songs talk about death in all of its shapes. Why?

Well, most of the songs we’ve written before have the same type of lyrics as we’ve written for this album. However, we have just concentrated on having the lyrics just as consistent as the music on "Death By Fire". So, if someone claims we are writing darker lyrics than before it just shows that he/she hasn't read our lyrics before. They tend to be a bit dark but they're still very in-your-face and suits the music perfectly. The lyrics are made to exaggerate and amplify the feelings behind the music.

The lenght of “Death By Fire” is less then 40 minutes (same as your previous albums). Can you explain this choice?

We write music for the vinyl format and a normal LP can never be longer than 19 minutes on each side without loosing sound quality. None of my favourite records are longer than 39 minutes anyway. It’s the perfect length both in that sense as well as keeping up an interest from the listener throughout the whole record. The record's aim is to be listened in its entirety and when it’s over the listener should be craving for more, not less. We don’t write any fillers.

Beacuse of your genre, are there more young or grown up people at your shows?

It’s very different, but we seem to have a much younger core audience than I’d ever think we could have. I think older people are harder to convince with something new and fresh and they are most often too convinced by what they like themselves. I think too many older people compare us with something they know since before, while younger people see us as something new. Of course the young people are right in this case.



In your opinion, why is Sweden (and the Scandinavian area of course) so prolific when it comes to rock and metal?

We have a very strong hard rock tradition in Sweden and we’ve always been fast on all extreme metal trends. Apart from super big groups like Europe and Yngwie Malmsteen, we’ve had ground-breaking bands in all hard rock subgenres. Heavy Load, Bathory, Dissection, Entombed and Dismember are all bands who have created something completely new and ground-breaking, in some cases they’ve even created whole new genres. When the traditional extreme metal (now known as traditional heavy metal to some) died in the mid 80's, the spirit of the extremism in it went on to other type of genres in Sweden, almost creating black and death metal. So, genuine music has never been dead here, compared to many other countries. It has just lived on in different shapes.

What are your feelings about playing your kind of music nowadays?

It’s nothing. We only play the music we want to hear ourselves and would never see what we do as a homage to past times. We are the most modern band in the world.

If you could go back in time, is there anything you would change?

With Enforcer, no.

What you think abot music piracy and the really strong influence of social media nowadays?

So far I’m pretty sure that the impact of the internet and social media only helped us spread our message to a bigger audience. What piracy has done to us or the whole industry I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t care. I never listen to music on computers anyway. I despise the way people are listening to music today. Listening online to half songs and then skip to something else. I listen to records from the first note to the very last, loud, without talking. Real music is made for listening, not as a background.

Tell me three things you like of Italy...

The Italian metal audience, food, Danger Zone, Berserks and Death SS.

That’s all, thank you for the interview. The last words are for you! Ciao!

Thanks to all who have come out to see us! We appreciate it a lot!

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