Wednesday 13 (Wednesday 13)

Here is a chat with Wednesday 13 concerning the last "Spook And Destroy" EP and the next album "The Dixie Dead". Enjoy the reading!

Article by Marco Somma - Publish on: 04/12/12
Hey Wednesday, welcome to SpazioRock! How are you doing lately?
I'm great!  Excited to be touring and excited about my forthcoming CD, 'The Dixie Dead', which comes out in the Spring.
It's been exactly one year since Calling all Corpses, and you're back with the Spook and Destroy EP.
Is it a sort of appetizer, a sample of what's waiting for us in The Dixie Dead?

Yes, 'Spook & Destroy' is just a tour EP, something for fun that is out in time for the tour and something to hold the fans over till 2013 until the release of 'The Dixie Dead'.  The track M.F.T.W. is a harder edged song and that is more in the direction of where 'The Dixie Dead' is.
In a few days you're back on the Italian stage. How have the previous Italian experiences been?
Always a pleasure to come back to Italy and play.  The Italian fans are amazing and I've had some very memorable shows there.
Any chances of hearing of some of the new stuff live?
Nothing from 'The Dixie Dead' just yet. However we are playing the new tracks M.F.T.W. and Halloween 1313 from the new EP. The new songs will be included on the set list for our February 2013 "Curse The Living Tour" in the US.
Visuals is a big part of your project, characterising your shock rock persona. Do you have something visual in store, namely a video?
Yes with this release, 'The Dixie Dead', we will be doing several music videos and I have most of the ideas and concepts figured out already. We have filmed 2 videos already before this tour, one is a performance video, and one is a 1970's-inspired action spoof where we get to do Kung Fu and kick ass away from the instruments.
Remaining on the shock-rock topic, do you identify with the movement and the definition?
I really don't see anyone doing shock rock today to a point where it's a movement, so to say. The same ones are still here, Cooper, Zombie, Manson, Gwar, me..etc.  For me, I never really followed a dress code, or a certain style or sound for what I do, I just knew who my heroes were, and I played a mix of music like them all that made sense to me. Visually I wanted to shock audiences in the way that they shocked me.
Which are your biggest sources of inspiration as an artist?
My fans are my biggest inspiration to me these days. This music I've created over the past decade or more has grown beyond just me and the band, and now it's a part of peoples lives. So when I write music now, I think of how it's gonna sit with my fans and if it holds up to what I've done before. I care about what I do and this keeps me on my toes and makes me want to be better and better.
Now a genre fanboy question. Some time ago I read your enthusiastic review of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. I believe you're familar with him. Sadly, the flick didn't have that much success. Do you think there were some under-appreciated or misunderstood parts in Rob's work?
Everybody's work gets misunderstood from time to time. I'm sure Rob was happy with what he did with the film and I enjoy his work as well.
Lots of sacred cows are being so to say...revived, in the cinema industry. Would you like to work on any of them, as a composer or maybe even director?
No, I'm interested in working on my own horror film(s) in 2013 as a writer and director. Look out for more info on that soon!
Among the many things you've been interested in, there are TV and comics as well. In particular, I'm thinking about 13 Dead Kids and Weirdo a go go. How are things with those projects?
The 13 Dead Kids project ended in 2004 before it really even started. It got shelved due to my solo record and me touring in support of it. No plans for reviving it, ever.  Weirdo A Go Go may see the light of day again, but I doubt anytime soon. These were all projects I did when I had down time, but these days I don't seem to have any downtime, so these projects will probably be on the back burner for an indefinite stay.
Back to the music topic, what have you been listening to lately?
I've been listening to a lot of heavier music and giving a break to a lot of my rock n' roll oldies.  I've been listening to Killing Joke,  Tryptykon, Melvins, Ministry, and Metallica to name a few.
OK, we're done. Something you'd like to say to your SpazioRock fans?
Thank You all and see you in Wednesday 2013!

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