The 69 Eyes (Jyrki 69)
In spite of his vampire-like outfits, Jyrki 69 is the kind of guy that never takes himself too seriously. Sharing some real laughs, SpazioRock got in touch with him for the third time. In this short talk we got some interesting hints on the new 69 Eyes album "X". Enjoy our interview!
Article by Marco Belafatti - Publish on: 18/10/12
Hello and welcome to SpazioRock once again! This our third interview together. How are you doing?

Excited to have out tenth album out! Fans seems to love it, so do I!

Why did you choose “X” as a title for your new album?

Like I said, it's our tenth album. It also has ten songs.

What can you tell us about the songwriting process? Do you usually sit down in the studio and plan to write the perfect rock song or do they just come out naturally from your minds?

Our guitarist Bazie emails me once a while a bunch of demos he's written. I pick up the ones I like the most, instantly come up with lyrics and vocal melodies and record my ideas at home. Sometimes I walk around outdoors for weeks by listening to them and then all of a sudden the lyrics and melodies pop up in my mind. It's like the music is injected into my veins and goes through my heart into my brain and comes out as a ready song. But it has to go through my heart!

What about the lyrics? Do they refer to real life experiences?

Always, in a way or another. Even "Lost Boys", it comes from some real life thing. On this album in particular I wrote about my ended relationship.

Reading some of your lyrics people might think that you are kind of stereotyped rockers, you know, hanging out with girls and drinking every single night of your life. Do you recognize yourselves in this picture?

the69eyes_intervista_2012_02Born this way.

Do you like electronic music? Some songs on the new album sound like they have a touch of this musical genre, and that is totally appreciated, at least for me.

Always liked. A good song doesn't know any boundaries.

When it comes to music, what is “gothic” and what is “not gothic”, in your opinion?

What's played at the Gothic club and fills the dancefloor I guess it's Gothic. You should ask a person who wants to be categorized as a representative of Goths!

You've been around since the beginning of the 90s. Is there anything you regret or anything you wouldn't do, if you could turn back time?

In the mid nineties we got bored in dressing up in black for a week, haha...

On the other hand, what is the biggest achievement in your career?

Our new album "X"!!! It's already becoming our most successful album to date.

Are you going to record a promotional videoclip for the new album?

We did a video with Patric Ullaeus for our first new single "Red", it's a very beautiful piece of art. We liked to work with Patric actually so much that we will film another video with him for our next single "Borderline"!

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