Battle Beast (Anton Kabanen)
A few days before the worldwide release of their debut album "Steel", we reached the Finnish band Battle Beast and got to know them a bit better. Check out the interview to discover what this really young group is going to unleash in the world of heavy metal!
Article by Eleonora Muzzi - Publish on: 09/01/12
Hi guys, greetings from Italy and thank you for your time and this interview, SpazioRock is grateful for this opportunity. How are you?

Hello, we're fine thanks. Hope you're too.

I'm fine, thanks. You're about to embark on a long tour with Nightwish, how does it feel?

Amazing and unbelievable. It was a huge surprise for us that Nightwish management contacted us and asked us to be Nightwish's support band. We're hungry and ambitious and like on our every gig, we'll give 110% and hopefully many Nightwish fans become our fans as well during that tour. We're really looking forward for that big adventure to begin!

Are you happy to travel and see a bit of the world out there?

Yes, definitely. Although we're gonna spend a lot of time in the tour bus and the venues, I believe we'll still manage to see many new sights, meet interesting people and hopefully taste new food that we aren't familiar with.

And you're also very young, you formed the band just three years ago and you're already skyrocketing to the stars. How did you start the band? I mean, when did you meet and decided: “Ok, this is it, we're going to form a band”?

I've been writing songs for many years before the official foundation of Battle Beast which took place in 2008. Juuso, Pyry and I were playing some of my songs already in high school, accompanied by some other friends as well. Then in 2008 Nitte and Eero joined the band and after a few keyboardist changes Janne eventually joined the band in 2009. It's been my dream to form a band since I was a little kid. It was a long wait but after ten years or so, the line-up was finally complete.

Was it hard to make your way in the metal world in the beginning?

It wasn't too easy. We spread our music on the internet for free, sent demos all around the world, played gigs almost at any club and place where we could get a free slot. But that's what every band do when they start. Now we get much appreciated help from our labels and people in the music business. Doing interviews like this one, is a big help for the band. And the good thing about the internet is that our fans have spread the word about us since the beginning.

Let's talk about your debut album. Let me say it, it's a bomb. Classic heavy metal as it should be but nowadays not many bands play this sound anymore. Can you tell us something about the album? When you wrote it and how it was born?

Thank you. As the songwriter for the band I can say, in general, that the whole songwriting process flows naturally and I usually write every song to a detail home alone. Not a single song was forced for this album. I think the oldest song on the album, which is “Iron Hand”, was written in 2005 or 2006 and some songs we're written just before entering the Sonic Pump Studios in November 2010. It took a little over twenty days to make that album but we had breaks between the actual recording days. For the album we just basically picked the songs from my large song catalog. Most of the songs are related to my own cyberpunk inlfuenced story. It's about a futuristic world in an other dimension where the machines are taking over and the main protagonist, The Beast, fights for his own survival and for the freedom of the oppressed, while seeking a mysterious woman he's so obsessed with. A couple of the songs are purely based on the Japanese manga and anime series called 'Berserk'. And some of the songs aren't related to either of those stories.

battlebeast_intervista_2012_02It also was a huge hit in Finland, did you expect that kind of reaction from the audience?

I wouldn't say the album was huge here in Finland. Though we're doing pretty good considering the fact that we aren't a mainstream band. We've got a long, long way to go!

“Steel” will be soon released worldwide, what do you expect from the international audience?

I hope that we'll win many new fans who'll then come to our shows when we go on tour. We hope that people would enjoy “Steel” so they will also anticipate our second album.

A couple of years ago you also played at Wacken. How was that?

We loved it. We were participating Wacken Metal Battle, which we also won very much to our own surprise. Nevertheless, to us it was still mainly a gig, not a competition. After that we got a lot more attention in the metal scene internationally. We played at Wacken this year as well, which we once again enjoyed very much.

What do you expect from the upcoming tour?

Like I mentioned earlier, we're really looking forward for that big adventure with Nightwish to begin. Many unforgettable memories will be created no doubt. Hopefully we become friends and have a blast on that tour! And we'd like to see how Nightwish fans react to our music.

You live in a country where heavy metal is pretty much mainstream music, but you're about to visit places where it is not. Do you expect a different kind of reaction from the audience in these countries?

Usually the people who come to a Heavy Metal show are already fans of metal, so I don't see why their reaction would be that different. Not nearly everyone likes metal here in Finland either.

Now, on with the boring classic questions for new bands: what are your main influences? Your musical background (I hate asking this question but it's a classic)...

Each member has his/her own influences of course. But being the songwriter for the band I'll mention the following bands that have influenced me: W.A.S.P., Manowar, Accept, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath (the Tony Martin era).

How do you see yourself in ten years?

Still practicing, making albums and touring. But hopefully we become big enough to headline in huge venues like Nightwish is doing.

Almost done: anything you want to share with our readers out there? Anything I forgot and you want to scream out loud?

Thank you for reading this interview and showing your interest in us. I hope you guys and girls come to our shows and become Battle Beast fans! Remember to buy our album “Steel” as well! And a big thanks to our fans who listen to our music, come to the shows and keep spreading the word about us. Take care everyone.

Ok, I'm done, thank you again from SpazioRock, we're looking forward to see your show here in April (already have the ticket!). Greetings from Italy and good luck for everything! Rock On!

Thank you very much. See you in April! Keep metal alive!

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