Journey (Jonathan Cain)
This is a big band that left an unforgettable mark in the rock history and it will keep on doing that with a brand new beautiful album, "Eclipse". SpazioRock is pleased to offer you a very honest and interesting interview to Johnatan Cain from Journey! Enjoy the interview!
Article by Gaetano Loffredo - Publish on: 13/06/11
Hi there... And welcome back Journey! Eclipse is such a great new record: are you ready to rock the world... again?

We are ready to rock the world and are doing it - worldwide! We started this tour in South America, where we played to people in 10 different Latin American countries. Now in Europe we will cover only the UK but will play in Sweden through Germany and down to Italy. Next year there are more plans to play in Australia, Asia and possibly the Eastern Bloc countries.

You are for sure one of the most famous and important melodic rock bands in the world. How your fame increased after the popular TV series "Glee"? Nowadays even children are singing "Don't Stop Believin"!

Glee has opened the door to a new generation of Journey fans for sure. It is one of the most downloaded songs on iTunes, 4.5 million! We reach new young fans everyday all over the world and have seen them at our shows in the US and abroad. When Glee first aired, my teen-age children told me that the show would be a success and would put our song in the spotlight. I never dreamed it would be nominated from a Grammy! We are humbled and grateful for the success our song has achieved.

Did you have the chance to meet the actors of Glee?

We have not personally met them.

For the first time ever, you will be in Italy next June. Have you planned something special for the Italian fans?

We will rock the Italian fans like we rock the rest of the world.

Why didn't you come to Italy before?

I have been told that Italy is a tough market for American rock bands to be successful. Our record company, Frontiers Records, has opened a door for us this time and we hope our show will fuel more appearances in tours to come.



Since its formation in 1973, Journey has earned 19 Top 40 singles and 25 gold and platinum albums. What about your next goal to reach?

Our next goal is to make Journey a world brand. To play and eventually become as successful as U2 or the Rolling Stones.

Let's go straight to the point: can you tell us a little about the writing process of the bran new "Eclipse"?

After writing "City of Hope' in a hotel room in Manila I was inspired by Arnel and his story. We needed an album he could express his personality and our core beliefs. It would be the rock record that Neal had wanted to make for a long time. Neal and I began writing the rest of the songs in February. We used my studio, Wildhorse in Marin County and worked in two-week intervals. I would take the tracks home to Nashville and complete the lyrics and rough vocal ideas. Unlike so many of our album projects, we were going to go into the studio unrehearsed. Kevin Shirley only had so many weeks he could spare so we decided to wing it on the fly. I had recorded the demos at Wildhorse with Neal and made CD's for everyone in advance, so everyone had an idea of what we were going for. During this time, Arnel had been on a tour raising money for his foundation so he came two weeks before the recording process took place. We wrote "She's a Mystery" and he brought a fine song with him "To Whom It May Concern". Kevin headed up the production and we quickly got some great tracks. It came to a halt as Ross got the flu and couldn't make it in to record for a week so things slowed down a bit during the middle of the project. We soon got back on track as a band and finished "Chain of Love", "To Whom It May Concern", "Resonate".

It was almost nostalgic to record and sing backrounds on the very same spot, Fantasy Studios in Berkeley California, we all gathered around one microphone and sang "Don't Stop Believin'", "Stone In Love" and "Who's Cryin'". Now. Full circle, the endless tantric circle was coming into play before us. After we sang the backrounds on the song "Tantra," Deen was so moved he had tears and hugged me. It was starting to take shape and as our mystical circle was being completed. In the final weeks I hammered out with Neal the songs "Resonate", "Chain Of Love", "Human Feel" and "Ritual". We were originally going to record five or six songs. We had ended up with twelve in a matter of five weeks.

While listening to it I felt that this album rocks more than the previous one, "Revelation". Do you agree?

Yes. It is a departure from what we have done lately. We felt it was time to try something raw and edgy. I love the lyric concept woven into the rock soundtrack, very cinematic stuff. It is big and wide, Journey has always been a chameleon, so this CD is less of our pop side... More of our rock side.

The first single, "City Of Hope," is a pretty melodic rock song ... Can you tell me more about that?

As I said, Neal and I wrote that in a hotel room while filming the Manila DVD. We were also filming a documentary and they captured that song from the earliest stages. We wrote it in about three hours. The lyrics came to me after touring Manila going to places Arnel grew up where I noticed even the poorest children on the street would wave at us as we passed by. They truly "Don't Stop Believin'" as they live they lives in shanties and poverty.


Which other songs in the album do you think they are really representative and why?

I think "Anything Is Possible" is a great message to send to young people all over the world. "Resonate" and "Edge of A Moment" are sensual songs that look at the tantric physical bonds that lovers can feel with each other. "Chain Of Love" is a raw, eastern, guitar driven song that examines the tantric idea of getting past thoughts in your mind that hold you back. The song "Tantra" is an the "many is one" belief in the tantric circle. It gives permission to examine your soul and how it relates to God and the universe: very powerful stuff.

I read that you felt like it was time to send a message to the world about your feelings for life in general. So... what kind of message and what kind of feelings have you sent?

Neal and I wandered into the concept of Tantra, which means to weave, ancient Hindu belief that all energy is connected in a endless circle. If we get our thoughts out of our head...We can find peace and enlightenment. It takes place on the spiritual plane through meditation the physical plane through yoga and even sexual encounter. In a techno world with streaming media we live in we thought it was a good message to slow down and examine how your soul relates to God and the universe.

Can you talk about how some of those life experiences have shown up in your songs?

The "Eclipse" album is a culmination of those life experiences. Live life in the now to its fullest everyday.

What's next for Journey?

Touring the world, making our band a world brand.

Is there something else that we haven't talked about that you'd like to add?

We are excited about playing venues we haven't played before. Italy has always been on our radar as one of those opportunities we have waited for. We hope you love our show!

Very well, SpazioRock thanks you for the time you gave us. Have a nice time on tour... See you in Milan!

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