Vega (Nick Workman, Tom Martin)
SpazioRock had a pleasant interview with Nick Workman and Tom Martin, vocalist and guitarist of the UK Melodic Rock band Vega, on the occasion of new album "Kiss Of Life" release. Enjoy it!
Article by Daniele Carlucci - Publish on: 04/12/10
Hi and welcome to SpazioRock. First of all, would you like to introduce us Vega?

Hello, this is Tom and Nick From UK rockers Vega. Thank you for the interview. Vega consists of Nick Workman (vocals), Tom Martin (guitars), Dan Chantrey (drums), James Martin (keyboards). We are an AOR/Melodic Rock band from England.

Why did you choose Vega as a band name? Where does it come from?

Tom: Dan came up with it, we thought it sounded cool. Short and simple. We passed it by Serafino (Perugino) at Frontiers and he liked it. I think "Vega" is a star in the sky (the fifth brightest in the sky).

Can you tell me about "Kiss Of Life"? I listened to it and I found it interesting, especially in its first half. Please, tell me something about the writing process.

Tom: We wanted to write a killer album. A classic, no fillers and I hope we have achieved this. We didn't want to write an AOR record where it sounds the same as all the rest and lyrically explore new subjects. When it came to the writing process, James and I would record a backing track in our home studio then send it to Nick to finish, so he would write all the lyrics and melodies then he would send it back to us. We would pass every song by Dan so then if we all liked it then ding dong!

Can you tell me about the lyrics of the album?

Tom: Nick did all the lyrics......

Nick: I tried to find different subjects to write about other than broken hearts etc. There is some of the "love" stuff on there but then you have a track like "Kiss Of Life" which is all about finding someone or something to pull you out of dark times. "Headlights" is a story that funnily enough was inspired by the movie "Pretty Woman". It's from the perspective of someone who is scared of a loved one becoming a headline on the front of a news paper for all the wrong reasons because they are walking on the wrong side of the tracks and are basically in denial about all that is going on in their life. "Sos" is about realising a relationship is beyond repair and breaking away from it before all the good memories are ruined by trying to live though unhappiness. It may all sound serious but it's not really. We always put the positive slant on what we are doing and make the songs sound fun....that's the most important thing.

vega_2010interview_break1_nickWhere do your musical influences come from? Both on a musical side and a lyrical side.

Tom: Me and James are very influenced by 80's pop such as A Ha, Alphaville, Erasure and also bands such as Queen, U2, Go Goo Dolls. So we bring the pop element to the band. Dan is influenced by heavier bands such as Metallica, Rammstein and obscure black metal bands.....

Nick: I enjoy pretty much all of the above and anything that has a good tune and groove to it. Having said that, if I really want a good vibe you can't beat rock music turned all the way up!

You wrote 25 songs but only 12 of them are in "Kiss Of Life". Does it mean that the other songs are ready for a possible follow-up?

Tom: Some of the songs that didn't make Vega have made other albums - Issa for example, "River Of Love" nearly made the Vega album. And some of the songs just weren't good enough. We have written at least 20 songs for the next Vega album hopefully we will start recording in it in the summer of 2011 because we don't want to wait 2 years between each album.

What about "Kiss Of Life" videoclip?

Tom: Yeah the video was shot in a cinema in Scarbrough near York, we were really happy how it turned out. It's kind of a "rock" A Ha "Take On Me" video where Nick jumps out of the screen. Ha.

Nick: Haha, that was fun to do. It was a long day and an early start but well worth it. We really wanted a video that didn't look cheap and nasty so we had this idea of the cinema because the projector could provide pretty much all of the lighting for the shoot. Chris Flynn who directed it put together a montage to play behind us that way very colourful and had loads of movement.

"Kiss Of Life" is the first Vega album, but you had different experiences before. Where do you think melodic rock is most appreciated? In Europe or the United States? Or in another place?

Tom: I'm not sure but it sure as hell isn't England. I hope this changes one day: I think rock is pretty big in Japan, Italy, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia.

What about your musical training? Did you study music in a school or are you a self-taught?

Tom: 100% self taught. James and I would be obsessed in rock culture and when I saw Van Halen's "Jump" it blew me away. They looked so cool. I showed it to James and we both knew this was the career we wanted. We both started learning guitar but I progressed faster than James so he took up the keyboards so this was ideal for a band situation. Dan had lessons from his father as he is a drummer Dan's dad can sing well infact he's part of the group "hey's" on "Hearts Of  Glass"!

Nick: I have a few vocal lessons to learn how to control the voice, make it last and breathing techniques. I can't read a single note of music though. Haven't got a clue, Hahaha.

vega_2010interview_break2_tomHow is it being in a band with twins in it? How do they work in the band?

Nick: Work! That's a swear word for those 2, lol.

To be fair it's not that bad, Haha. The guys are very much "as one" so if James says something you don't need to go to Tom as he will agree. The problem with those 2 is not that they are twins, it's because they are wierd, Haha. I'm joking. Vega is probably the tightest band I've been in with regards to how we all get on. It's a bit cheesy but it doesn't feel like 2 brothers, it's more like 4.

Have you planned a tour to promote "Kiss Of Life" all over the world? Will you play in Italy?

Nick: We would bloody love to play in Italy....set it up!

We have an agent and we hope he can put something together for us. We are open to any offers. With this album it's all about building up the fan base and not about making money. We come pretty cheap, Haha.

Tom: Yeah, festivals are probably going to be our best bet but we will have to wait and see.

How is it working with Italian label Frontiers Records?

Tom: Frontiers are really cool. They pretty much left us to it and trusted us to deliver a great album.

Nick: We are lucky in that we are a new band and there are no pre-concieved idea's as to how we should sound. We had a blank canvas and what ever came out of us was Vega. It was nice that Serafino (Perugino) and the team had faith in us to left us get on with it.

Ok that's all. Thank you for your time, now you can leave a message to your fans and our readers.

To all our Italian fans, we are really gonna' try and come to Italy and tour , we want to meet you all. Thank you for buying or downloading our record. We will see you soon!


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