Primal Fear (Ralf Scheepers)
Ralf Scheepers sang in the first Gamma Ray albums, then formed Primal Fear, becoming really successful throughout the years. The release of "Live In The USA" give us the chance to ask him some question: enjoy it!
Article by Daniele Carlucci - Publish on: 08/06/10

Hello and welcome to SpazioRock. First of all, can you talk about the new release of your CD and DVD? Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to watch your DVD, even if I’ve read that is full of extra materials...

Hi, nice to meet you! Well, the DVD has playtime of around 3 hours and contains a full concert of the last European Tour, plus shots from a concert in Atlanta, U.S.A.  We’ve a Bootleg Section with interesting and funny scenes from Japan, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Canada, U.S.A. and Europe. All newer video clips plus the Making Of 16.6 & studio reports. A lot of nice stuff and inside looks into the world of Primal Fear!

Would you mind talking about your last tour, when you recorded your DVD? Was your tour eventful or not?

The tour was a huge step forward for Primal Fear and we got all over great results and fantastic feedback. There are still countries we have to work hard, like after a shorter tour in the US, the public demand was overwhelming, that we play another 4 week run starting in mid May.

In the past you have dealt with delicate and important topics with your lyrics. Do you feel really close to songs that talk about important issues?

We’re very tolerant people. Everybody should decide for himself about the topics he wants to write and sing. We have our very own vision on the matter and will continue!


At the beginning, was it a burden for you to be an ex-member of Gamma Ray, or was it useful to set up the Primal Fear project?

It’s always a great promotion tool for a new band to have well respected and well known musicians in the band. This makes the start easier, because there’s a lot of interest of the fan base of the former bands.

How much were Primal Fear influenced by your experience with Gamma Ray? I mean, how much important has this experience been in moulding your style and composing your songs?

There is absolutely no influence from Gamma Ray in our song writing, even they are friends and cool people.

Can you talk about your co-operation with Pamela Moore?

Pamela is a good friend and a great singer: it’s always great to have her with us!

What does the bird, Primal Fear’s symbol, actually represent? I think it must have a particular meaning for you...

This is an eagle and named Chainbreaker by our fans. This is our mascot and will be part of Primal Fear’s image!

Do you prefer performing in festivals in front of thousands of people, rather than in clubs, where you feel more the warmth of your fans?

It doesn’t matter as long as the audience is with us, loud and enthusiastic!

primalfear_scheepersint_break2You are a band that got success in Europe, in U.S.A and in Japan. What are the main differences in performing in such countries with such different kinds of audience?

There’s no big difference: it’s great to have a fanbase everywhere, who’re really enjoying and waiting for a Primal Fear show. Last year loudest audience was in New York: nobody would expect this, or?

You just announced that you are going to play in Bari and Rome in September. What do you think of Italy? Italian fans are always particularly faithful to heavy metal and power metal...

It’s great to come back to Italy: Rome is one of my worldwide favourite places and September is a wonderful month. We can’t stay long, because the shows will be part of a full European tour!

Ok, that’s all. Thank you very much for your time. Now you can leave a message to your fans and SpazioRock users. Thanks!

It’s great we see us again in September: so long, check out the new DVD and Live CD, that you can sing all songs together with us! Cheers!

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