Fiction Plane (Joe Sumner)
SpazioRock had the pleasure to interview the leader of Fiction Plane and Sting son: Joe Sumner. We talked about the release of “Sparks” with this very nice guy. Enjoy your read!
Article by Andrea Mariano - Publish on: 25/05/10

Hi Joe, welcome to SpazioRock! First of all, tell us about the origins of the band...

Hi Andrea! Well, we started in London 10 years ago, we signed for a label, then we went to America, we found the new drummer (Pete Willhoit). There oru bass player (Dan Brown) left and when we came back in U.K. we finished our last album, “Left Side Of The Brain”, and now we’re here: we arrived in Paris, we had just published our new album “Sparks”, and we are trying to make the best quickly.

When did you start writing songs for your new album, “Sparks”?

We started last year, on tour: we just played songs live, improvising on stage with the audience or in solitude. We went in New York, in a recording studio, on March I think, and every day we improvised for ten hours, then we recorded the best pieces.

Do you write songs with your band mates, or are you the only author?

The music comes from pure collaboration, simply we do jammin’ and improvisation. For the lyrics it is the same thing, everyone collaborates.

How long did the recording session take?

We stayed in London one month, in a very expensive studio, and we recorded the first pre-release of the album. Then we waited for two weeks. When we listened to it again, it was not finished too, so we came back. We had no money left and only five days to complete the recordings of the rest of the album in a very cheap studio. In only five days we did the same work that they usually do in tree months. At last we ultimated the recordings in West England.

Do you remember some funny anecdotes from the recording session of the album?

Let’s see… The assistant of phonic came and ask me to record with a cam. We suspended our activity and when he started to record, we started playing the “Star Wars” soundtrack, dressed up like the guys of the movie!

Sometimes your style recalls the one of another great band, The Police. How strong is the influence of this band for your band?

I think that nothing of this is intentional: we have the same instruments, and I’ve been proud for that guys and they been happens, but I’m trying not to play the same old things.

Are there other bands that inspired Fiction Plane?

Yeah, definitely! One of this bands is Nirvana. I love Nirvana: when I heard Nirvana for the first time, I joined the band next day. That is the real inspiration, I like them for many, many reasons; they had a special influence to me.

Last year you had the opportunity to play some shows with The Police. What do you remember the most?

(Joe chortles) I remember an anecdote, but without The Police. We played in Turin, but the drummer was very, very sick right before the show, he couldn’t move. So we took him to the doctor, who did an injection to him. When the drummer returned, we played the gig for 40 minutes. This was very special, it’s definitively the top of the gigs, actually, in Turin.

Let's talk about the promotion of “Sparks”: I know that some tour dates are already set, will you play in clubs or in bigger locations?

We will play in some festivals in Summer, and also we’ll play in some clubs. Actually we are working for a plane list of gigs in clubs, and we’ll play in Milan too.

Before leaving us, do you have something to tell to our readers?

Of course! Well, we wanna play for you; we make the music which is best with an audience, so we really wanna see people’s faces satisfied! Ah, another thing...

Yes, please, continue!

I only say: spolveratore avvolgibile! (laugh)

What?! I do not understand, repeat please!

Non posso più mangiare il fagioli! Oggi attenti alle medusa. Io abito in Milano! (more laughs)

Ahahah! Your Italian is great!

Oh, grazie mille! Your English is fantastic too! But your English is better than my Italian, sure! (Well, I'm not so sure, but thank you Joe)

The interview is over. Thank you so much Joe. Good luck for all! Buona fortuna!

Oh, Grazie mille! Good luck to you too!

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